Floribama Shore Is Already Doing Even Better In The Ratings In Season 2

Floribama Shore
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The original cast of Floribama Shore returned for the second season of the series, and if the ratings are any indication, fans were ready to party! The shoreline of MTV's Floribama Shore is in strong shape following its Season 2 premiere. In fact, the show is in better shape than it has ever been. That's because the Season 2 premiere logged the series' highest ratings ever. By how much did it succeed in doing this? Let's break it down.

Viewership for the Season 2 premiere saw an increase of 16% from Floribama Shore's series premiere. Drawing in nearly a million viewers for its second season debut, that number puts the episode up 34% from the average viewership Season 1 saw, per Deadline. With that kind of ratings wattage, the Jersey Shore spinoff is demonstrating a viewership awakening that few series can boast of winning in their second season. As many know, it is a time when ratings are traditionally down from the first installment.

With the Jersey Shore revival Jersey Shore Family Vacation and now Floribama Shore having such strong showings in the ratings, it is obvious that MTV viewers are ready to pour back into the Shore franchise. The story of Floribama Shore's ratings stability will be better known as the season continues. That will obviously prove whether it has the staying power to keep surfing the waves of its initial success. Based on the show's ratings ascent for its Season 2 premiere, it seems like a safe bet it will continue.

The first season of Floribama Shore ended in January and has returned roughly six months later with a huge uptick. So what could help explain it? Well, the series premiered in late November, a time of year when viewers may have been less inclined to soak in the sun given winter was in full force. Premiering its second season when summer is in full swing is arguably a much better time for the show to capture an audience and it seems to be working.

The second season of Floribama Shore follows the cast as they soak up spring break in Panama City Beach. Will it end up culminating in as many dramatic moments as Season 1? Based on the teaser for the second episode of Season 2, it sounds like that is a very high possibility, as a prank, new attitudes, "old wounds," and other dramatic developments come to the fore. Find out how it all ends up resolving itself as the season wears on.

Let the fun in the sun continue as the second season of Floribama Shore airs new episodes on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. For other television shows you can watch this summer, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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