Nathan Fillion's Uncharted Fan Film Could Become A TV Show

nathan fillion uncharted fan film

Nathan Fillion blew the minds of video game fans everywhere this week with the premiere of a 15-minute live-action movie based on the Uncharted franchise. Although called a "fan film," the project wouldn't look out of place as a sequence from a big screen action movie or an action-packed TV show. There's no news of an Uncharted movie starring Fillion in the works. That said, it's now possible that this Uncharted fan film could turn in to an Uncharted TV series. Here's what's happening.

The Uncharted fan film starring Nathan Fillion was directed by Allan Ungar, who directed a number of shorts in the past. Ungar and Fillion were fans of the Uncharted franchise and were sick of waiting for the Uncharted movie (starring Spider-Man Homecoming's Tom Holland) that has been in the works for a while to actually happen. Naturally, as fans with considerable resources, they decided to secretly produce their own 15-minute film. According to EW, Ungar has received emails about potentially turning the fan film into "a digital series or something further."

Allan Ungar went on to clarify that he'd be "thrilled to have a conversation" about a digital series if it could make sense and be done right. This digital series would continue the specific story from the fan film, which theoretically means that the Uncharted film could go on as planned without either affecting or being affected by the project. What's wrong with two separate live-action Uncharted continuities? Surely that just means double the entertainment for fans of the Uncharted games.

In the same interview, Nathan Fillion stated that he's a fan of Tom Holland and he's excited to see how the big screen venture turns out, so he clearly doesn't believe that one version of Uncharted has to impact the other. A big question is if Fillion would be able to sign on for an Uncharted series. Although he's clearly enthusiastic about the project and made time in his schedule to film it as well as hint about it on social media, his new ABC show The Rookie will premiere this fall with new episodes on Tuesday nights. He might not have time to continue his work as Uncharted's Nathan Drake.

If you haven't had the chance to check out Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted fan film, take a look:

We'll have to cross our fingers and wait to learn if Nathan Fillion will have the time and opportunity to reprise the role of Nathan Drake for a series. If you need some viewing options to fill the time while we wait, take a gander at our summer TV premiere schedule.

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