The Charmed Reboot Stars Explain Their Characters’ Special Powers

Charmed 2018

This fall, audiences around the world will be introduced to a brand new generation of the show Charmed - and with it a new generation of heroines. Macy, Mel and Maggie - played by Madeleine Mantock, Melonie Diaz, and Sarah Jeffery, respectively - are the new sisters who will soon not only discover that they are empowered witches, but will use their abilities to try and help protect the world from evil. Right now we don't know much more than that about the show, but I did recently have the chance to have the three actresses explain their special powers to me -- starting with Mantock:

Macy has telekinesis, and it's kind of interesting on set, because obviously nothing is really happening at the time. So it's really just doing this [mimes mentally making things float.] You have to trust that they're going to do it and not make you look stupid.

During the madness of San Diego Comic-Con last week, Madeleine Mantock, Melonie Diaz, and Sarah Jeffery were awesome enough to stop by the CinemaBlend shooting suite, and it was during our chat about the new version of Charmed that I asked about their characters' individual gifts. And while there are similarities between the new show and the original, there is one big change with one of the power sets.

Starting with Macy and Mel, their witch-y ways happen to be similar to Prue and Piper Halliwell, the characters played by Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs. As noted by Madeleine Mantock, what Macy is bringing to the table is the ability to move things with her mind -- which was also Prue's move. As for Mel, Melonie Diaz explained that she can freeze time (like Saved By The Bell, to throw another pop culture reference into the mix).

Maggie, however, is a different story. Alyssa Milano's Phoebe Halliwell on the original show had premonition, and Rose McGowan's Paige Matthews could teleport objects, but Maggie has a power new to the Charmed world. As Sarah Jeffery explained, she has the ability to get right into your brain:

I read minds. Useful - I know we're going to explore how that can be kind of a pain in the ass as well, and how she can shut it out and whatnot. But it's a lot less physical than their two powers. It's just more of a [pause], 'Got it!'

The Charmed pilot made its world premiere at San Diego Comic-Con, and it won't be long until it will be broadcasting in your living room. The show, which is now filming Season 1, will start airing on The CW on October 14th. Be sure to stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for all the latest updates.

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