The first trailer for The CW's Charmed reboot has arrived, although a general consensus on what fans think of the upcoming series has not. The fanbase has been torn since it was announced the network would be bringing back the series, and the first footage from the show has done nothing to unify them at all:

The Charmed reboot certainly is different from the original series, and while the core plot of a family of powerful witch sisters is intact, this trailer certainly shows the Vaughn sisters are different than the Halliwells. Most of those differences had been known prior to the release of the trailer, but apparently seeing it has the Charmed fanbase feeling some kind of way. Of course, there's the purist crowd who abhor the trailer and desperately want it gone so the original series is not tainted:

Fans like this aren't unique to any reboot and while there's no guaranteeing it, these folks are usually going to be opposed to the series regardless of what the trailer showed. That said, there are some Charmed fans that kept an open mind going in and came out deciding they were not on board. These fans may not have been any more kind than the previous set of fans, but at least their tweets were somewhat more constructive:

The Charmed reboot does change a lot from the original series, so it's completely understandable there's going to be a crowd not on board with everything that's new. On the flip side, there are Charmed fans who understand that change is the only constant, and are welcoming the Vaughn sisters with open arms:

The Charmed reboot does have Hispanic witch sisters, and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to changes from the original series. The youngest sister Maggie's power has been changed from premonition to mind reading (as seen in the sorority scene), and it's been announced that middle sister Mel will be a lesbian. A portion of the fanbase has accepted these changes with open arms, although some may be secretly holding out hope the reason the Vaughn sisters are nothing like the original trio may be because the Halliwell sisters could be making an appearance somewhere down the line:

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