How The Flash's Ralph Dibny Is Like Saul Goodman, According To The Star

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Like many characters on The Flash, Ralph Dibny has evolved a lot as a person since being introduced on the show. While you may not automatically connect the dots between a comic book show and Better Call Saul, it turns out they may share more in common than you think, especially when it comes to character development. CinemaBlend's Nick Venable was there at 2018's San-Diego Comic-Con when Hartley Sawyer revealed how he believes Ralph Dibny and Saul Goodman are alike, saying:

So when we brought him in, we talked about the idea that he's a walking Tex Avery cartoon, like that's really what he is, and that's where we wanted to start him. I've always thought a lot about Saul Goodman for this character, from Better Call Saul. There's a lot of that in him in certain ways. This guy who can be so much more than he is, and is really good as he is, but just completely gave up on himself. We wanted to start over there so we can bring him through that whole process that we did last year, and he's a very different person than he was. So now we can move forward with even more development.

When it comes to characters that have come a long way, Ralph Dibny and Saul Goodman certainly share that in common. Ralph started out as a police detective before turning into a private eye with loose morals, and now a superhero, while Saul went from being a con-man to a genuine lawyer. It is easy to see where Hartley Sawyer finds the parallels. For Ralph, his emotional transformation has been equally revolutionary. It is cool that The Flash star utilized a character from another television show to call back to for Ralph's eventual evolution.

Based on what Hartley Sawyer says at the end, fans of The Flash can anticipate the show only building more on the transformative development Ralph has already undergone. Given that Saul Goodman ends up laundering money for a drug enterprise in Breaking Bad, hopefully, Ralph will not follow in his footsteps completely. Ralph has come too far in realizing his true potential! Albeit, Better Call Saul does reveal that following the events of Breaking Bad, Saul ends up managing a Cinnabon. So, there is that.

No matter what comes in the future, Ralph will always have the twinkle of his past to add depth to wherever his storyline takes him next. From the living Tex Avery cartoon to Saul Goodman, Ralph has a lot of different angles to him, maybe even more than fans realized. So, where he ends up next will be interesting to find out. It is really neat when actors share details like this.

While fans may see parallels between characters on The Flash and other characters in pop culture, it is cool to have the cast share how they can sometimes see their role through that lens. It is not a stretch to say that fans can find out where Ralph's journey takes him when The Flash returns for Season 5. There are going to be a bevy of new characters along for the ride with him, including a major one.

The Flash will return for its fifth season on Tuesday, October 9 on The CW. For more new television shows set to arrive this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres. If you would like to only know about The CW's lineup, you can check out the network's fall schedule here.

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