Bullseye Seems To Be Confirmed For Daredevil Season 3

On the heels of Netflix's VP of content assuring everyone Daredevil is still on track, an Instagram post from an actor involved in Season 3 seems to have revealed the big bad. Rumors have circulated that the upcoming adventure would bring iconic Marvel villain Bullseye into Hell's Kitchen, and now a new post from actor Naqam Washington might have confirmed it.

In an Instagram post that has since been taken down, actor Naqam Washington shared a post-workout photo with Daredevil lead Charlie Cox and actor Wilson Bethel, who was rumored to have been cast as Bullseye for Season 3. Skeptics might still be able to dismiss the post as explicit confirmation regarding Bethel's role in the upcoming season, although Washington's hashtag "Bullseye" appeared to confirm the previously reported casting rumors are true. Marvel has not commented on allegations that Bethel is Bullseye or on Washington's post, but we'll let you know if and when the studio eventually clarifies.

Marvel's reported casting of Wilson Bethel described him as an FBI agent named Steve. The character was described as "socially awkward but athletic," and was teased to play a key role in the ongoing feud between Matt Murdock and the Daredevil Season 1 villain Wilson Fisk. In the comics, Bullseye has worked for Fisk quite frequently and has been responsible for a few high-profile deaths in the Marvel universe. Provided Naqam Washington's post is correct and Bethel is Bullseye, Season 3 will present a version of the villain unlike what has been previously seen in Marvel canon. That said, previous rumors regarding the casting did allege this telling would present a "grounded" introduction to the assassin, which only further solidifies the validity of the post.

As for whether or not Steve would stay grounded in his transformation to Bullseye remains to be seen, however, as it stands to reason the character would evolve into a version much closer to what fans are familiar with if Daredevil does indeed go in this direction for the third season. This includes a near superhuman level of marksmanship, as well as extensive experience in hand-to-hand combat. There's also the iconic bullseye mark that often adorns the characters forehead, which is either shown as part of an outfit or scar. Wilson Bethel's forehead looks unscathed in this gym picture, although a few hours on-set with makeup could change that rather quickly. It's also possible Bethel could don the classic Bullseye costume in Season 3, although it's difficult to guess accurately, since Marvel has been spotty with its decision-making regarding which heroes and villains get their costumes in the Netflix shows.

Daredevil Season 3 is headed to Netflix, and fans can stay on top of any updates regarding its premiere via our superhero premiere guide. Those wishing to see what other television shows are out there in the coming months will have plenty of luck visiting our summer and fall premiere guides.

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