Looks Like Gal Gadot Is Headed To TV

Gal Gadot heading to TV.

Fresh off of her work filming for Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot may be stepping away from superheroes. In fact, it looks as if she'll be stepping away from big screen ventures completely, at least for a little while. This week, reports indicate that Showtime is in talks with the actress to move forward with a new series about the life and times of famed actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr.

The Showtime series doesn't currently have a name yet, but if Gal Gadot transitions to the pay cable TV network she would both star in and executive produce the Hedy Lamarr project. The potential series hasn't gotten the official greenlight, yet, but from what we can tell, it wouldn't keep Gadot away from the silver screen longterm. According to Variety, the new project would be a limited series. Showtime has not confirmed the potential project, yet, but Jaron Varsano, Warren Littlefield and Sarah Treem would executive produce, with the latter writing the project.

Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian wife and actress who fled her first husband, later meeting MGM head Louis B. Mayer and starring in Hollywood pictures, most notably through the late thirties and through the forties. She headlined famous movies like Samson and Delilah, Algiers, I Take This Woman and Come Live With Me, among many others. However, she has also been celebrated for her work as an inventor. She kept busy during World War II, creating a radio guidance system along with George Antheil, a composer. Although not in use at the time, their work led to breakthroughs that have been incorporated in technology, including Bluetooth, so many years later. Lamarr has received renewed interest recently, thanks to the 2017 movie Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story.

While not a dead ringer for Hedy Lamarr, Gal Gadot wouldn't be a bad fit playing the famous actress, either, who can be seen in a shot from Samson and Delilah, below.

samson and delilah lamarr

Gal Gadot has previously spoken out about the tough years she spent commuting between Los Angeles and Israel for acting gigs. She was on the brink of quitting when the role of Wonder Woman came up. She landed it, and the rest has been history. So, Gadot's moves over the next few years in the acting biz should be interesting to follow.

If this project moves forward, Gal Gadot would join a growing number of popular movie actors and actresses who have made the transition to television. On pay cable, shows like Big Little Lies and more have opened doors previously unrealized for TV. Heck, Jim Carrey is even heading back to TV soon after a long drought away from the medium. We'll let you know if Showtime officially picks the Hedy Lamarr series up. In the meantime, you can take a look at what is definitely heading to television with our full schedule.

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