Will Sheldon And Amy Have A Baby On The Big Bang Theory?

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To baby or not to baby? That is the question fans are pondering as The Big Bang Theory prepares to chronicle Sheldon and Amy's first season as a married couple. At the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel, actor Kunal Nayyar shared that the show was only three to four episodes into the season, in terms of structure. Later in the panel, writer Steve Holland revealed that Season 12 would begin with Amy and Sheldon's honeymoon. Will a baby be far behind? This is what Holland jokingly had to say:

We don't want to surprise [Mayim Bialik] until the delivery, I think. We don't even want [her] to know before then. [She]'ll just wonder why [she is] in baggier and baggier wardrobe every week. Right now, for right this part of the season, there are no plans for that.

While there may not be plans for it so far this season, there is apt reason to believe it is possible. In its first season finale, The Big Bang Theory's spinoff series Young Sheldon subtly revealed that Sheldon will have children in the future. Whether said children will begin popping up in Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory is another matter. As is the issue of whether the sitcom will chronicle Amy and Sheldon having a baby at all.

While Young Sheldon revealed this piece of information regarding Sheldon's future, it does not necessarily mean that The Big Bang Theory will depict it. He and Amy could theoretically have a baby, years in the future after The Big Bang Theory ends. The good news for fans hoping the couple has a baby is that regardless of whether it is shown or not, children are most certainly in Sheldon and presumably Amy's future. Young Sheldon does not confirm she is the mother of Sheldon's kids, but it is an easy conclusion to reach.

With CBS saying they do not believe the show will be ending after Season 12, there could be other seasons to explore Amy and Sheldon having a baby. It does not have to be their first one as newlyweds. Big Bang Theory writer Eric Kaplan does have some thoughts on what would be cool regarding an Amy/Sheldon baby. Kaplan said:

It would be cool though, and I'm not promising this because it might not happen, if the baby was born able to sing and dance. That would be cool.

A singing-dancing baby would be pretty cool! Given that The Big Bang Theory is so early into production, it stands to reason that fans will get a better feel as to the likelihood of Amy and Sheldon having a baby as the season gets underway. Sitcoms and babies have a stormy history, although Friends was able to weather the storm well. As did Full House, when Becky and Jesse had the twins. Big Bang Theory hasn't done a shabby job with Howard and Bernadette's kids, although Howard and Bernadette aren't quite as major of characters as Sheldon and Amy.

That said, for every Friends and Full House, there is a sitcom that has struggled to cover that territory, so it all depends. Given that The Big Bang Theory was willing to let Amy and Sheldon finally get married, there is reason to hope that a baby plot may go from theory to reality. There is only one way to know for certain.

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