Watch The Flip Or Flop Cast Celebrate Season 8 Renewal

Christina El Moussa assured Flip or Flop fans the show wouldn't be affected by her and Tarek El Moussa's divorce, but when HGTV released a drastically shortened Season 7 and a load of spinoffs, it appeared the writing on the wall was clear. Then, the former couple resurfaced, painted over that wall, and dropped the announcement that they'd be back for Season 8. The news is not just exciting for fans but for Christina, Tarek, and their crew as well, as they took to social media to release a celebration video:

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Christina and Tarek are side-by-side once again, and while this doesn't mean the two are repairing their romantic relationship, it appears both are willing to move things forward on a professional level. What's better is the two are reportedly back to 15 episode seasons, which was the episode count of Flip or Flop prior to their marital troubles making headlines. The two kept things professional in their Instagram video, and appeared eager to get back to flipping some houses, and being one of HGTV's biggest shows.

Flip or Flop's Season 8 return seemed unsure last year, as the couple reportedly had an agreement with HGTV to only commit to a handful of episodes to do a test run as a separated couple before committing to more. This agreement led to the shortened Season 7, with the speculation being that both weren't willing to continue working together, and were interested in getting involved in other television projects separate from each other. The latter part appeared to be true after it was revealed Christina El Moussa would be getting a spinoff series a couple months ago, although the new Season 8 clearly dismisses the rumor that the couple might be done with Flip or Flop.

If the El Moussa's are done with Flip or Flop and perhaps bound by contract to commit, this video doesn't give any indication. The Instagram video lacks any "final season," vibes, or verbiage that appears either star is on board merely to wrap up the series. Additionally, one would imagine that if this was the planned final season of Flip or Flop, HGTV and the couple would make an announcement similar to what the Gaines family did with Fixer Upper. Of course, this might be a different situation considering the drama the couple had in the past, so the plan could be to run Season 8 and then announce a farewell following the season's conclusion.

Flip or Flop Season 8 is headed to HGTV and is expected to make its premiere in the spring of 2018. For a look at what shows will be coming to television before that, head on over to our summer and fall premiere guides. For more on HGTV, check out what the network's president had to say about the odds of Fixer Upper continuing without the Gaines family.

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