HGTV Head Honcho Talks Whether Or Not Fixer Upper Could Come Back

Chip and Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper HGTV

Fixer Upper was a massive success for the Gaines family and HGTV, with the network posting some of its best ratings while the show was on the air. Given that, it wouldn't have been all that surprising to hear the network wants to reboot the show now that the famous family from Waco, Texas, is taking a break from television. HGTV boss Kathleen Finch recently talked about whether or not the highly rated program could come back with another couple, and quickly squashed all speculation with her response:

What made the show special was Chip and Jo. I don't see that we would ever make it with someone else.

HGTV obviously wants big ratings for its shows, but it's apparently not so desperate that it will resort to using the Fixer Upper name to do so. The news is somewhat surprising, especially since the network created several Flip or Flop spinoffs when the original hosts Tarek and Christina El Moussa got divorced. Apparently, the network has a different mindset when it comes to Chip and Joanna Gaines' flagship show, as Kathleen Finch seemed adamant in her view that it was their family that made the show special when she spoke to press at the TCA summer press tour (via The Wrap) .

That's hard to dispute, though, given the success the Gaines family has had with other business ventures outside of Fixer Upper, such as their home furnishings line, restaurant, and book deals. Still, it is surprising the couple walked away from their hit renovation show, especially since they left television in what feels like the height of their fame. Kathleen Finch confirmed HGTV was just as surprised by their exit and were not the ones pushing Chip and Joanna out the door. At the same time, the network wasn't going to try and twist their arm and force them to stay if they didn't want to:

Obviously, we didn't want them to go because we love them. [But] we're never going to stand in the way of talent... we understand that when family calls we don't want anybody to be unhappy in their job.

It appears as though those at HGTV don't buy into any of the speculation that the Gaines' left Fixer Upper due to safety concerns or to plan for a television return elsewhere, and that the couple is truly genuine about wanting to focus on their family. Kathleen Finch pointed out that the couple recently welcomed a new child into the family on top of the various ventures they now have a hand in, and that is a lot to handle without the stress of having to do a television show.

Fixer Upper may not be getting a spinoff or new episodes, but repeats can still be seen on HGTV and Hulu. For a list of new and upcoming shows headed to television in the near future, be sure to check out our summer premiere guide. Those who wish to get a jump start on fall television will find just what they need with our fall premiere guide.

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