NCIS Vet Pauley Perrette Calls Out Family Feud For Being Too Filthy

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As one of the most popular game shows on TV, both via syndication and with its celebrity-filled primetime version, Family Feud obviously gets a lot of things right, from its endless questions for source material to the always watchable Steve Harvey as host. But some viewers would probably agree that Family Feud has gotten increasingly un-family-friendly with an abundance of sex-related content. And former NCIS star Pauley Perrette has become one of the first big celebs to publicly call the game show out for it.

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In that tweet, as well as in the one below, Pauley Perrette makes it abundantly clear that she's befuddled when considering why Family Feud has made its questions and answers so adult-themed. One can argue that the show has always had its fair share of sexually charged rounds, but the Steve Harvey era has ramped things up to the next level. Especially when it comes to the random (and innocently gross) euphemisms used as stand-ins for sexual acts and genitalia.

Granted, judging whether the show is too over-the-top or not all depends on one's sense of humor, and many millions of people are tuning in on a weekly basis, so there are obviously interested parties making time to watch. But Pauley Perrette, who'd previously been in a troubled marriage in which she was allegedly sexually abused, wishes that Family Feud would hinge more of its questions of other areas of the human condition.

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As intelligent as she is, Pauley Perrette would be a great candidate for Celebrity Family Feud, especially if they could work some other former NCIS stars into that "family" grouping. (Not that anyone would complain about her bringing her actual family members onto the show.) But Steve Harvey and the writers would definitely need to tone things down when it comes to risqué questions, since Perrette likely wouldn't get invested otherwise.

Pauley Perrette got a lot of vocal support on Twitter for her views, with many agreeing that Family Feud has gone far and beyond the more wholesome humor it used to showcase. Not that this is a brand new criticism for Family Feud to have picked up, as seen by the tweet below.

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Having left NCIS Season 15 in a way that kept Abby Sciuto alive and well, Pauley Perrette was reportedly taking a break from acting for a while, with her CBS exit reportedly caused by multiple physical assaults happening behind the scenes. Stay tuned for where to find the actress and bake shop co-owner next, and in the meantime, head to our fall premiere schedule to keep track of what shows are on the way.

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