Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Results Are In

We've got the latest on what's going on in the Big Brother house, including who won the Veto and whether or not they used it. Read no further if you don't want to be spoiled. Major live feed spoilers ahead!

Here are all of the power plays in the Big Brother house thus far.

Head of Household


Originally nominated



Won the Hacker Competition

Kaycee (removed herself from nomination)

Nominated by the Hacker


Won the Veto?


Veto used?

Yes, on Angela. Kaycee was the replacement.

Currently nominated for eviction



As we reported over the weekend, Tyler won the Power of Veto, which means today he had to decide whether to keep the nominations the same, or remove Angela or Rockstar from the block. The Veto ceremony happened today. Tyler used the Veto to take Angela off the block. Haleigh replaced Angela with Kaycee, who's now up next to Rockstar.

So, who's going home on Thursday? It's too soon to say, but as of Monday evening, things are not looking good for Rockstar.

Not long after the Veto ceremony, Rockstar went to Kaycee in private to shed some tears over the whole situation and be sad over how Kaycee was "not supposed to be going home" this week. It came out sounding like Rockstar figures that's what's going to happen. And this is the face Kaycee made to that comment later when she relayed this conversation to Tyler...

Kaycee Big Brother 20

After Tyler won the Veto, he and his alliance decided he'd use it to take Angela off the block, even though they knew Kaycee would be the likely replacement nominee (the Hacker/saved-person is not exempt from being re-nominated). Tyler didn't disclose his plan to use the Veto on Angela to Haleigh ahead of time, though she knew there was a strong possibility he'd take Angela off the block. She and Scottie sat down with Tyler last night and did a big pitch over why it was a good idea for him to use his Veto on Rockstar. But their pitch seemed to be under the assumption that Tyler only has two solid allies (Angela and Kaycee), and that he could go further with more people if he uses the Veto on Rockstar.

The problem with the pitch Scottie and Haleigh made to Tyler is pretty much the problem Foutte has had for weeks; they're missing a lot of information about what's really going on in the house. Foutte doesn't realize Brett is firmly working with Level 6. They don't even realize Level 6 exists. Based on conversations Haleigh's had with people, it seems like they're under the impression Tyler only really has Angela and Kaycee. They don't seem to see a firmly set alliance on the other side of the house. This is probably due in large part to players like Scottie and JC hovering around the middle, Sam doing her own thing, and Brett's recent efforts to pretend to be a lone wolf, voting with the numbers each week.

Scottie has been floating. He's friends with Tyler and has voted with Level 6 in the past, but he seems to be more firmly working with Haleigh these days, and Level 6 knows they can't trust him with information.

And Brett, as we're well aware, is fooling Foutte into thinking he's on his own. On the feeds over the last couple of days, he had at least one one-on-one game conversation with Haleigh where he had ample opportunity to give her information about Level 6, but he played dumb about what's going on and claimed to have no relationship with Tyler. And today, when Rockstar came to him to work him for a vote after the Veto ceremony, he was polite and charming, heard her out, assured her he's had no offers or deals for his vote and left the whole thing sort of optimistically open-ended, hug included. And then when she was out of sight, he turned to the camera and grinned.

Brett smiling Bb20

He's having way too much fun with this.

Sure, it's entirely possible Brett's positioning himself to turn on his alliance the first reasonable chance he gets, just as it's possible JC's going to try to keep the sides even and might even cast a vote to get Kaycee out. He's assured Tyler he wouldn't, but the option exists.

As for Sam, Tyler and she haven't been talking much since last week. Tyler told Sam he's trying to keep some distance since there were rumors about them having a Final 2. After the Veto Ceremony, when Sam asked him who he wanted her to vote out, he told her (paraphrasing) "Whoever you want. But you know who I want you to vote out." After some discussion, it seemed like she agreed to vote out Rockstar, but she sees Rockstar as a support system, so she may change her mind on that.

Kaycee needs four votes to stay. Rockstar only needs three. There are seven houseguests voting, but with one vote eliminated, that leaves room for it to be a three-three tie, in which case Haleigh would vote to evict Kaycee. So it can't go to a tie if Kaycee has any chance of staying, however since the Hacker eliminates one vote, Foutte has to essentially secure four votes as well and assume one of them -- probably Fessy's -- will be cut.

Rockstar has Fessy and Scottie (most likely). Kaycee has Tyler, Angela and Brett. Kaycee needs either JC or Sam. Rockstar needs both, which is where she's in trouble, as Level 6 is trying to secure both of those votes. If one falls through, they have the other to secure Kaycee's safety. But it's not a total lock. As mentioned, JC told Tyler the other night he's prepared to vote out Rockstar, even if it means Foutte will know it's him. This will be a shift from the way JC's been playing the game. He's been deflecting his votes on other houseguests. This week, it seems like he's going to have to choose a side. And who knows what Sam will want to do by Thursday night.

So that's where things are at right now. If Rockstar goes, it's fair to say the Hacker twist bit Haleigh twice in two weeks. She's been on both sides of it and neither side worked out well for her. But as messy as last week was for her, seeing an alliance member evicted on her own Head of Household week would hurt even worse. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen. All of the above is as of Monday evening. Anything can happen between today and Thursday night's live eviction episode.

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