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This season of Big Brother is the gift that keeps on giving, and while that probably doesn't apply so much to the lackluster Head of Household endurance competition, the live feeds have offered no shortage of entertainment. We have the latest on what's going on in the house since the live episode, including who won Head of Household and who they nominated. Spoilers ahead!

Here's the breakdown...

Head of Household





Won the Veto?

Not played yet.

Yes, you read that right. Fessy won Head of Household and then nominated one of the only two people who was remotely loyal to him. Ok, technically Scottie's loyalty is to Haleigh, by whom he's smitten. Still, Scottie did cast the sole vote to keep Rockstar on Thursday and yet, he still found himself on the block by Fessy on Friday.

Fessy HoH

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. First, Fessy won the slip-and-slide endurance competition, pretty much by a landslide. The slip-and-slide usually goes on for a while, with houseguests sliding back and forth down a crisco-coated track filling up some kind of bowl one scoop at a time. But this season's version of the competition was over pretty quickly. About seventeen minutes after the episode ended, Fessy got his ball out and became the next Head of Household. Fessy was the obvious favorite to win, as this competition typically favors tall people with a long stride, and he's a tall guy. Still, it ended really fast and though Scottie was probably the closest to second place, it's doubtful anyone would've caught up with Fessy even if the competition did go one for longer.

So Fessy is the new Head of Household, and the Foutte/Hive alliance has power again. Now, at this point, one would think that Fessy and Haleigh would plot to take out one of the many people on the other side of the house who've been blindsiding them on eviction night week after week. They have plenty of options, and even with the Veto in play, they're basically guaranteed a good eviction. But why do that when they can deplete their own numbers even further?

Fessy's been trying to keep up with what's going on in this game all season and having Head of Household finally gives him the opportunity to try to get some answers. Sure enough, on Thursday night after he got his Head of Household room, he asked the whole house who was the sole vote to evict Kaycee. Scottie raised his hand, and that should've ended the conversation. But then Brett stepped up and confessed that it was he who cast that vote. He explained that he didn't want to have to say it in front of the whole house, but it was him. Brett's willingness to openly lie continues to serve as entertainment for us.

A weird argument broke out between Kaycee and Scottie after that. Kaycee's admitted in the past that she's a terrible actor, but it seems like she's figured out a good defensive strategy for acting angry to cover up the awkwardness of trying to lie. She did it with Rockstar over the Hacker situation, and she did it again with Scottie over his vote. At best, Kaycee's outbursts create tension, weirdness and confusion, so it's not a terrible diversionary tactic. And since she's usually pretty chill, it does the job in throwing people off.

This whole situation didn't go over well for Scottie, who didn't really succeed in defending himself or convincing Haleigh and Fessy he was the actual vote to evict Kaycee. And then JC made the matter worse by working hard to convince Haleigh and Fessy that Scottie would come after Fessy if he gets the chance. Scottie is clearly close with Haleigh, and Fessy is standing in the way of that. As of right now, they seem to have bought this scenario. By the end of Thursday night, both were decided on targeting Scottie. Brett appears to be the backup plan, and as of Friday evening, both are now on the block. I don't think Scottie saw it coming. I caught one conversation between him and Fessy where they were talking game before nominations, but I'm not sure Scottie asked Fessy outright who he was nominating.

Fessy Big Brother nominations

After the nomination ceremony, the feeds came back to Fessy in the kitchen, explaining to Scottie that he thinks he's shady. That may be true. The fact that Scottie wore a Swaggy C shirt when voting Swaggy out hasn't been forgotten, and none of the houseguests have ever fully trusted him, Haleigh and Fessy included. And it's not entirely out of left field that Fessy might see a scenario where Scottie targets him so that he can get closer with Haleigh. But even if Scottie was planning that move, it probably wouldn't be for at least a couple of weeks. There are still so many people in the house, and the remnants of the Hive alliance really can't afford to lose another number. Certainly not during a week where one of them is Head of Household, AGAIN.

So, is this some kind of long game to backdoor Tyler or someone else? Right now it really doesn't seem like it. In fact, before the nominations happened on Friday, Fessy pulled Tyler and later Angela aside and told them he's not targeting either of them. They agreed if either wins the Veto, they won't use it.

I don't know if all of this is a mark of how well the Level 6 side of the house is playing, or how poorly the Foutte side is playing. Probably both. This isn't to defend Foutte, but they really are up against a combination of factors. Tyler has been masterminding a lot of what's going on with Level 6, but he couldn't do that without the steadfast loyalty of Kaycee and Angela, or Brett's willingness to blatantly lie and pretend to befriend people on the other side of the house in order to gain their trust. And then there's JC, who's not technically in Level 6, but who has been funneling information to them and helping orchestrate the blindsides without drawing too much negative attention or distrust on himself. All of these factors combined make that side of the house an effective force. So much so that they that they're able to make the most of any power they get. And they don't panic or play the every-man-for-himself scramble when the power flips to the other side, which is pretty impressive this deep into the season.

At this point, if Scottie doesn't win the Veto, he's probably gone. Of course, there's always the chance that either Haleigh or Fessy will win the Veto, have a change of heart (and realize this decision to target Scottie is a disaster) and use it to take Scottie off. If he doesn't come off the block though, it's hard to imagine a scenario where he makes it through Thursday night's eviction. So things aren't looking good for him right now.

Alas, we seem to be headed in that direction. But the Veto still hasn't been played, so the game is up in the air for now. And if Scottie does win the Veto, this week's eviction is anyone's guess.

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