American Horror Story: Apocalypse Reveals Coven Cast Reunited, Complete With Stevie Nicks

Ding dong, the witches aren't dead at all, bitches. The most macabrely fabulous coven at Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies is returning to our televisions for American Horror Story: Apocalypse, and franchise co-creator Ryan Murphy shared fans' first look at the magikal women reunited for the first time since Season 3, with legendary musician Stevie Nicks also back and reprising her role as -- who else -- Stevie Nicks.

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I know that four or five years isn't the longest span of time between TV appearances, but none of these stars look as if they've aged a day. Such is the power of witches in large groups. Also, none of their characters look as if they've gone through any horrifying situations and/or deaths, which I assume also has to do with their witchy ways.

In the top row, we have Taissa Farmiga's shy-turned-hardcore Zoe Benson, whose fate was left pretty much untainted by Coven's end, and Gabourey Sidibe's Queenie, who died a couple of times during Coven's run and later returned for Hotel, where she was then bled dry by Angela Bassett's bloodsucker. Thankfully, Frances Conroy's Myrtle Snow hasn't changed her hairstyle in all of its poofed-out glory, and I'm curious to see what her own return entails.

On the bottom row, we have Sarah Paulson's Cordelia, who will hopefully keep her eyes intact for Apocalypse. Then we have Stevie Nicks and Lily Rabe's Misty Day, whose characters had a pretty strong connection in the show, so it makes perfect sense that they're holding hands in this tweet. And then there's Emma Roberts' love-to-despise-her Madison Montgomery, who was killed off in Coven's finale by Evan Peters' Franken-Kyle.

American Horror Story fans will obviously notice that this first look shot at the cast doesn't feature Evan Peters or any of Coven's other male actors. Which, to be fair, basically amounted to Denis O'Hare, Josh Hamilton and Danny Huston. More Danny Huston is never a bad thing, so hopefully the Axeman is hiding on the stairs just behind this group of females. And hopefully Jessica Lange's Fiona Goode is right next to him.

After a series of bizarre and disturbing teasers, it's awesome to get some actual American Horror Story: Apocalypse visuals to ramp up our anticipation. It'll make its big premiere on FX on Wednesday, September 12, at 10:00 p.m. ET. To see what new and returning shows are on the way soon, head to our fall premiere schedule.

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