The Flash Has Cast Caitlin's Father For Season 5

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Fans of The Flash were more than a little upset when Caitlin lost her Killer Frost persona in Season 4, but it didn't take long to learn her alter-ego may not be fully gone after all. Killer Frost's return has been further solidified by statements made by Danielle Panabaker, as well as Season 5 episode titles, although it's still a bit of a mystery how she will come back. Now, it appears we have part of the answer, as the Arrow-verse drama has cast Homicide: Life on the Street vet Kyle Secor to play Caitlin's long-lost father Dr. Thomas Snow.

Kyle Secor -- who some TV fans may also know from his days as Jake Kane on Veronica Mars -- will bring Thomas Snow back into Caitlin Snow's life, despite her believing for quite a long time that he was dead. According to Caitlin, Thomas Snow suffered from multiple sclerosis, and had died from the illness. Now, he's alive and back in Central City, although it is being teased he'll have some secrets his daughter doesn't know about. Thomas Snow will apparently keep this buried at first, and attempt to reconnect with his daughter after years away from her.

As for how Killer Frost plays into all of this, EW confirmed that Thomas Snow will play a part in Caitlin reuniting with her other half. Executive producer Todd Helbing also confirmed that Cecile's weird premonition in the Season 4 finale was related to Kyle Secor's Thomas and that fans will get the full story about why Caitlin had her Killer Frost abilities as a child. It's even being said that Caitlin's mother Carla will make another appearance as well, although there was no word as to whether she would be reunited with her dead husband.

The answers behind Caitlin's meta origins are something fans want to know, although it's safe to say many might be more interested in learning how a man everyone thought was dead is suddenly alive again. After all, it doesn't take a wild imagination to envision how two brilliant scientists accidentally created a meta child in the Arrow-verse, but one does have to wonder how Thomas Snow is alive and kicking when the details of his death are remarkably specific to Caitlin. Had he perished in an accident but authorities couldn't find a body or something of that ilk, this might be a different story, but with what fans and the characters know so far, there's something about Thomas' sudden appearance that doesn't add up.

We'll have to wait and see how it's explained away. Hopefully, The Flash will unravel the mystery of Thomas Snow's arrival when Season 5 kicks off on The CW Tuesday, October 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep up with all the television returns over the next few months using our handy summer and fall premiere guides.

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