House Of Cards Reveals Diane Lane And Greg Kinnear's New Characters

Half a year after Netflix brought Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear into the mix for House of Cards' final season, the service has unveiled what roles the actors will play. Kinnear will play Bill Shepherd, and Lane will play his sister Annette. The two represent a family that plays a powerful role in molding the American political landscape. Apparently, Claire will attempt to get on the two's good side, as she's seen holding up Annette's hand in victory in the picture below:

Annette Shepherd Claire Diane Lane Robin Wright House of Cards Netflix

Annette Shepherd and her brother Bill have inherited Shepherd Unlimited, and as mentioned, they are the type of mega-rich family who can use their wealth to influence American politics. The two are said to have a "vision for America," as well as a complicated relationship with the Underwood family. The details of that relationship are unknown, but it sounds as though Claire will have to play nice with the Shepherd family throughout House of Cards Season 6 or face a very powerful opponent at a time where her family is under a microscope.

If the Shepherds have known the Underwoods for a long time than lord only knows what convoluted schemes the two families have cooked up in the past. The two might have surfaced now that Frank is gone to try and get the upper hand or take advantage of who they assume is weaker, Claire. House of Cards has proven that's far from the case. It looks like the Shepherds may learn that soon enough as Claire appears to be giving Bill Shepherd a lecture while holding up a ring between the two of them:

Claire and Bill Robin Wright Greg Kinnear House of Cards Netflix

Of course, perhaps it's too soon to label the Shepherds as enemies, as Frank and Claire would've never gotten this far without a few friends in high places. Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear's characters could be one of those allies Claire calls on now that things are rough, and she's willing to pay a price in exchange for their patronage or other help. Netflix's labeling of the Shepherds as "The family that preys together" appears to indicate there's a price to play whether they're friend or foe and that they aren't in Claire's life currently just out of the goodness of their own hearts.

What the Shepherds want is unknown, although their vision of America's future could involve Annette's son Duncan Shepherd. Duncan, who is played by American Horror Story: Apocalypse star Cody Fern, is described as "ambitious" and "devoted," and is said to be among a new generation of future power players in D.C. politics. Fern's Duncan is seen in another newly released photo for House of Cards, where he appears to be in a tense conversation with Greg Kinnear's Bill:

Bill, Annette, Duncan Greg Kinnear Diane Lane Cody Fern House of Cards Netflix

House of Cards returns to Netflix for its final season Friday, November 2 at 12:01 a.m. PT. Head on over to our Netflix premiere guide to see what else is coming out on streaming, or visit our summer and fall premiere guides for a look at what's happening on network and cable television.

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