Fuller House Season 4 Is Adding A New Cast Member

The Fuller House cast is getting just a bit...fuller, as the show has cast a former Wizards of Waverly Place actress to play a new character in the Netflix sitcom. Actress Maria Canals-Barrera will join the Tanner-Fuller-Gibbler fray as the mother of Fernando Hernandez-Guerrero-Fernandez-Guerrero, and things are sure to get interesting upon her arrival. Canals-Barrera was recently spotted on set in full costume for a video blog posted by Kimmy Gibbler herself, Andrea Barber:

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Information on Maria Canals-Barrera's role in Fuller House is relatively thin, although Andrea Barber's video more or less confirmed the character will be appearing specifically in Season 4 Episode 9, though it's not clear if others. Fuller House fans can only speculate how the comedic drama will unfold from here, and whether or not Fernando's mom knows about Kimmy being a surrogate for Jimmy and Stephanie. Heck, knowing how sitcoms play out, she may not have even known her son and Kimmy split up, got re-engaged, and currently have this bizarre living situation going down where he's living in her childhood house while she stays living with her best friend next door. That old classic romantic couple scenario.

If Fernando's mom didn't know any of that, there's no doubt she's up to speed by the time she shows up in this Fuller House episode, which appears to be a celebration that may just be a baby shower for Jimmy and Stephanie's upcoming child. TVLine reported Maria Canals-Barrera's episode is also supposed to be star Candace Cameron Bure's directorial debut, which had to add some extra excitement for all involved. Canals-Barrera was so excited about her new gig that she broke the news about her appearance first, and shared a picture of herself on the couch with the rest of the Fuller House cast.

Maria Canals-Barrera's role on Fuller House sounds like it's an in-and-out affair, as she's one of the many guest stars scheduled to appear in Season 4. The new season will also feature roles played by former Drake and Josh actor Josh Peck, The Nanny's Lainie Kazan, and even a Six Million Dollar Man reunion between Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner. Canals-Barrera probably has a better shot at re-appearing on the program, considering her character's connection to Fernando. And we still have yet to meet Kimmy's parents, so one would hope that an uncomfortable weekend trip with both families will be guaranteed for the future.

Fuller House Season 4 will be heading to Netflix before too much longer, and there's plenty of content on the platform for subscribers to enjoy while they wait. For more on Fuller House, check out what actress Lori Laughlin listed as some of her favorite moments with Becky and Jesse on Full House. And then check out what newness is headed to the streaming service with our Netflix premiere guide, or check out our summer and fall premiere guides for a look at what's around the corner on traditional television.

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