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Outlander is known for many things, ranging from its steamy sex scenes to its dastardly villains to its gorgeous landscapes. Unfortunately, Outlander is also known for long hiatuses between seasons, and fans will have been waiting around 11 months for new episodes by the time Season 4 premieres this fall. The good news is that Starz and the show are taking steps to guarantee that fans aren't bored during the last couple months of waiting thanks to the introduction of a new interactive feature that should keep some of us entertained. A new website went live today that reveals a new look at Season 4 and more. Here's how Outlander made the announcement:

Consider me officially more pumped than ever for Outlander Season 4, and not just because the Twitter clip shows Jaime looking especially dashing in his new American look and the unforgettable theme song is playing! The tweet shares the link to the new website that reveals a poster comprised of dozens of tweets from fans expressing their excitement for all things Outlander. And there's more to enjoy than just the fact that the folks at Outlander and Starz decided to create this special site for fans as we count down the weeks until the fourth season premieres. The site is also interactive.

If you click on the individual tweets that comprise the poster collage, they expand on the screen and allow you to read them. There's no shortage of tweets in the poster, so reading them is a great way to pass some time if you've already rewatched the trailer and spent time wondering what exactly the new villain will do that makes him worse than Black Jack Randall. Book readers have some idea of what he'll do, but Outlander expanded Randall's actions from what he did in the books. The show could very well do the same with Stephen Bonnet. Reading some excited posts from Outlander fans is definitely less stressful than imagining what fresh horrors await Jamie, Claire, and the rest in the new world!

The site only just launched, so there aren't a ton of details available about what will or will not be added to it as the November premiere date approaches. It's difficult to imagine that Starz put together a special site with an interactive feature for fans without plans to update it at least once in the coming months, but we'll have to wait and see. If I'm sure of one thing, it's that there will be no shortage of new tweets from excited Outlander fans if Starz does decide freshen up the collage with new posts!

There's quite a variety of tweets included in the poster collage, so it's worth looking through them. Here are some of the many gems you can find:

I don't want to be hasty, but I think that person may be a little bit psyched about the next batch of Outlander episodes.

As somebody who still hasn't gotten over the devastating Season 1 finale or the heartbreaking "Faith" episode of Season 2, I can relate to anybody feeling an emotional connection to Outlander.

Another tweet chosen for the collage reveals that one user actually joined Twitter to support the show and the actors who bring Jamie and Claire to life! These are only a few of the many posts you can find on Outlander's Brave the New World site, so be sure to check it out for more! Season 4 of Outlander premieres with a bunch of new characters on Sunday, November 4 at 8 p.m. ET on Starz. For some viewing options between now and early November, take a look at our fall TV premiere schedule. If you're on the fence about Outlander, check out these reasons Outlander is the best show on TV.

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