Will Gotham's Penguin Ever Get Fat? Here's What Robin Lord Taylor Says

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Gotham is gearing up for its final season, and while fans have been given some teases about a lot of things Season 5 will cover, there's still one big question some are pondering. Will the final season show Robin Lord Taylor's Penguin getting fat? The actor didn't dance around the "hefty" subject, although his answer will surely leave some disappointed:

In the time period we are shooting the show, unfortunately he will not get fat. What you definitely will see this year is more of the iconography of the Penguin. Things that you think of the character, we're going to start bringing those in as we're going along.

"Thicc Penguin" is not going to happen in Gotham Season 5, but Robin Lord Taylor assured viewers will get to see many other aspects of the comic book character brought to life in the final episodes. The actor did promise fans at the 2018 Fan Expo Canada that more iconography for the character will be included that may make Taylor's Penguin closer to the version that appears in traditional Batman adventures. This could mean Penguin is getting a sweet monocle in place of those extra pounds, or perhaps he'll lose that precious hair on his head most other interpretations of the character lack.

Robin Lord Taylor admitted he doesn't know everything that's coming for his character in Gotham's final season, mostly due to his method of approaching the final episodes. The actor went into his process for his final run as Penguin, and how he's choosing to "stay in the moment" as the show draws to a close:

My whole approach this year has been that I don't want to read ahead. I just want to stay in the moment and I'm trying to absorb every single moment I can with these amazing people and this incredible character. So I don't know very much but little pieces we're going to start working through so that I think you'll all be really happy.

Gotham loyalists have every reason to believe Robin Lord Taylor, as Season 5 appears to be all about bringing the series more in line with the traditional Batman universe. While that doesn't mean Penguin's going to start packing on pounds, it does mean Bane is getting introduced, the Batcave is getting an upgrade, and other iconic villains may be along for the ride as well. It's also possible the season might show Taylor in a fat suit via some sort of flash forward or dream sequence and he doesn't know because he hasn't read about it yet. That said, the actor seemed pretty adamant in his response, so it's possible it's a question he himself may have asked at some point during the show's run.

Gotham returns to Fox for its final season in 2019. For a look at all the things coming to television before that, be sure to visit and bookmark CinemaBlend's fall premiere guide.

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