Looks Like Gotham Season 5 Is Going Hard On A New Batcave

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Gotham may be gearing up for a final batch of episodes that won't match the previous seasons' 22-episode counts, but it's not stopping the creative team from ramping up the storytelling to new heights. And new depths! If one Gotham crew member's recent Instagram post ends up bearing on-screen fruit, then it looks like Season 5 will Bruce Wayne will be introducing a more proper Batcave by making some cavernous expansions. Peep these designs.

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As it's done with many elements from the Batman mythos, Gotham planted early seeds for the eventual Batcave back in the Season 1 finale, when the murky location first appeared. And with the Dark Knight's official introduction finally coming as the Fox series closes out its run, Bruce can at last fill that cave with all the state-of-the-art technology that Lucius Fox can develop. We still obviously don't know what the advancements will be on the inside, but it looks like the exterior will be updated for roadside access. Now they just need to add a remote-controlled rail barrier in front, and no one will ever realize it's there.

The Batcave's various entrances are as iconic as the setting itself, and the design shared by designer Jonathan Collins indicates a path will be opened up to allow for Bat-access from outside Wayne Manor. With the human standing alongside for size comparison, it looks like the carved-out path won't be much larger than necessary, possibly allowing for nothing larger than a van. Should be helpful if Jeremiah or any of the show's other villains try to come after Bruce 's proto-Batmobile in a semi truck or a school bus. Might be slightly less effective against someone like Man-Bat.

With only one last season to go -- unless some other magical entity decided to keep it going for Season 6 -- Gotham clearly won't be spending a ton of time in the Batcave, assuming it even gets introduced before the last few episodes. As such, here's hoping the budget allows for the location's limited usage to be as visually splendorous as possible. And that the Batcave won't be affected by whatever explosion Jonathan Collins was recently creating a model for...

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With Bane getting a full introduction in Season 5, as well as more villainous factions, Gotham City will be as dangerous as ever in Season 5. We're still not sure when Gotham will be returning to Fox, but it'll go down in early 2019, so get your spelunking tools ready. And in the meantime, our fall premiere schedule should offer plenty of top-notch shows to pay attention to in the meantime.

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