Jim Carrey Wants An In Living Color Reboot

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Television is no stranger to bringing back successful shows from the past. So, does Jim Carrey think In Living Color should be among those to return to television? The sketch comedy show, which aired on Fox, helped jettison the comic's early career in the early 90s. While at the premiere of his new Showtime series Kidding, the subject was broached with Carrey on the red carpet. Responding to the question, Carrey had this to say:

That show really needs to happen! That show needs to exist. Especially now, man. There's so much to eat up and spit out so I'd love to see it reconstitute itself in another form.

As you can tell from his reply to ET, Jim Carrey is entirely on board with the prospects of an In Living Color revival. And that is not the only thing he said about a potential resurgence. The actor/artist added that he would definitely be on board to go back and "hang out", should a revival get up and running. The show began in 1990 and gave rise to a host of talent, including Jim Carrey.

He starred on the show throughout its run, from 1990 to 1994. The year the show ended was the same year that Jim Carrey found enormous theatrical success with Ace Venture: Pet Detective, The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber. It has been 28 years since the show debuted, and nearly 25 years since it ended. So, there has been more than enough time for nostalgia to build up enough to bring it back. Not to mention lots of the original talent remains active.

The careers of the Wayans family is still going strong in the entertainment industry. Keenan Ivory Wayans created and hosted the series. And many of the show's high-profile alums are available to make guest appearances in a potential revival. It is not the first time talks of bringing the show back to life have happened. Back in 2012, it nearly got off the ground in the form of two specials and casting was even done for the reboot.

A year later in 2013, Fox chairman Kevin Reilly confirmed that the reboot would not be happening. Reilly did not shut down the potential of doing another In Living Color reboot in the future, just not the one that was filmed. While fans await the possibility that In Living Color could return to television, Jim Carrey will be making his back by way of the Showtime dramedy Kidding. It marks the actor's first television show as a series regular since he completed In Living Color.

Jim Carrey's new show is not a sketch comedy series, rather a dramatic comedy, or dramedy. The show follows Carrey's Mr. Rogers-esque character as he weathers a devastating personal tragedy. Kidding's premiere is right around the corner. The series debuts Sunday, September 9 at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime. One of fall's big debuts, there are many others on their way as well.

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