Watch Jim Carrey Totally Crash Jeff Daniels' Conan Interview

Usually guests appearing on a late night talk show is a simple affair: a talent stops by to plug something, the host throws in a couple of jokes in between asking questions, and after a segment or two, the show moves on to the next guest or act. But every now and then, a surprise is thrown in for the audience and sometimes even the guest themselves. Last night, Jeff Daniels stopped by Conan to plug his Hulu series The Looming Tower, and during his appearance, his Dumb and Dumber costar Jim Carrey crashed the interview for a brief reunion, which you can watch below.

At first, Conan O'Brien mentioning Dumb and Dumber to Jeff Daniels doesn't seem like anything special, since it is one of the actor's more popular movies. But as we soon learn, the host was just using it as pretense for Jim Carrey to enter the studio. It's immediately clear that Daniels is pleased to see Carrey, and over the next six minutes, they switch off between giving each other a hard time (Carrey tells Daniels that The Looming Tower sounds funny) and reminiscing about old times, from their first collaboration together on Dumb and Dumber to when they reprised Harry and Lloyd a few years back in Dumb and Dumber To. But there wasn't just fun to be had between Carrey and Daniels, as Carrey also talked about how he and O'Brien now live in the same neighborhood, but they haven't spent that much time together, with Carrey only seeing a pompadour go past the top of his fence every so often like a shark fin in the water.

As for why Jim Carrey specifically stopped by Conan to hang out with Jeff Daniels, towards the end of the interview, it was revealed that Carrey will be shooting some material with Conan O'Brien soon to promote his upcoming TV series Kidding. When Carrey heard that Jeff Daniels was stopping by Conan, he decided to peek in a little early, but much to Daniels' chagrin, it doesn't sound like there's a spot available for him on this Kidding piece. While Dumb and Dumber To wasn't a particularly well-received movie, which Carrey and Daniels are well aware of, there's no denying that the men have great chemistry together. Here's hoping that one day the two can reunite on the big screen for a project that doesn't involve Harry and Lloyd getting into shenanigans.

Jeff Daniels can currently be seen in The Looming Tower, which released its final episode today, and his next movie appearance will be The Catcher Was a Spy, which hasn't been assigned a release date yet. Jim Carrey's Kidding will premiere on Showtime later this year. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more news about both of these actors, and if you're interested in learning what movies will be released later this year, look through our 2018 release schedule.

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