Insatiable Renewed For Season 2 At Netflix Despite Controversy

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Netflix's teen revenge comedy Insatiable got off to a rough start, as many subscribers petitioned for the show to be canceled before it even premiered on the platform. Netflix held strong and released the somewhat controversial series anyway to a thorough bashing from critics, primarily for being a comedy that many didn't find all that funny. The streaming service has decided to renew Insatiable for Season 2 in spite of all that, though, so Patty's revenge story will roll on regardless of her biggest naysayers' wishes.

Details on Insatiable Season 2 are currently scant, but we do know the streaming comedy will return for its sophomore season at some point in 2019, so don't expect any major delays. But do celebrate the show's renewal with this mostly straightforward Twitter announcement, which possibly wasn't filled with more typical show-referential humor due to Insatiable's already polarizing nature.

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Insatiable, a joint collaboration between Netflix and the generally less risky CBS TV Studios, stars Debby Ryan as a teenager transformed by weight loss who is hell-bent on destroying the lives of her classmates who bullied her when she was overweight. The show caught loads of criticism for its general premise and offensive storylines, including the use of fake sexual assault allegations as a way to ruin careers and blackmail others. But as it often goes, the bigger the backlash, the more awareness is drawn to the project overall.

Perhaps Insatiable's renewal isn't all that surprising, then, with unofficial streaming data showing strong viewership for the show in its early release window. Popularity among customers often appears to trump criticism in the eyes of Netflix, which has renewed similarly controversial offerings like 13 Reasons Why, in which millions of positive-speaking fans are heard above the rest. It's widely known at this point that Netflix doesn't factor critical reviews too heavily into its renewal process, and after the service recently dropped its user reviews feature, some speculated the decision was made to mask the fact that the overall quality of original content on the platform is diminishing on average as the content pool gets bigger.

Now, Netflix may have played it low-key with the Season 2 renewal on its See What's Next account, but the official Insatiable account celebrated with a somewhat raunchy video of cast members making jokes about their Season 2 returns.

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The Insatiable cast served as a line of defense prior to the premiere by trying to calm everyone down before anyone had a chance to view it. Debby Ryan, Alyssa Milano, and Christopher Gorham all spoke out in support of the show and tried to assure potential viewers that while the program was indeed offensive, there was a deeper message in the satire that would justify the nature of the jokes. Critics almost universally agreed that the show failed in that mission in Season 1, but binge-ready fans had a differing opinion, so it'll be interesting to see if and how the creative team's approach changes for Season 2.

As mentioned, Insatiable will arrive on Netflix for Season 2 at some point in 2019. For all the excellence coming to television before that, be sure to visit and bookmark CinemaBlend's fall premiere guide.

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