Over 100,000 People Think Netflix's New Show Is Fat-Shaming

Insatiable Debby Ryan
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Although Netflix's new show Insatiable has not even been released yet, the controversy over the new project's trailer is not losing steam. With the series nearing its debut on the streaming platform, people are taking action against the show by starting a petition. As of the publication of this story, a Change.org petition to stop the release of the series is a little more than 10,000 signatures away from reaching its goal of 200,000 signatures. Let's back up for a moment first, and explain what Insatiable is about before we get into the petition.

The Netflix series follows Debby Ryan's Patty, a high school student who has been relentlessly bullied for her weight. When she returns to school with a new look; Patty sets her sights on getting revenge on all of those who tormented her. Thanks to a disgraced attorney turned pageant coach she also enters the pageant scene.

At the moment, the petition to stop Insatiable in its tracks has over 189,000 signatures. In its argument for cancelling the show before it begins, the petition states that the show will "cause eating disorders." It also states that the trailer has already triggered people who actively suffer from them. That sentiment has been echoed on social media such as Twitter. And there has been a tweet directed at one of Insatiable's stars -- Alyssa Milano, who plays the wife of Patty's pageant coach, Bob.

Alyssa Milano responded to the tweet, which said in part "Shame on you" with an exclamation point at the end. In her tweet, Milano stated that the show's goal is not to shame the lead character of Patty. She added that the series was instead working to address the issue through comedy and referenced an article she seemed to hope would clear up some of the perceptions surrounding the series.

For now, Netflix does not seem to be swayed by the controversy, staying the course within regards to Insatiable's release date. With two weeks left to go before its release, Netflix has yet to change its mind. The controversy has been highly publicized and with it showing no signs of simmering down, time will tell if it gets the desired effect.

It is worth noting that Insatiable's release is not the first time the streaming platform has become embroiled in a controversy related to body-image issues. Last summer, Netflix released the drama To the Bone to a worldwide audience. The movie, which starred Lily Collins as a young woman battling anorexia, was considered similarly controversial. Despite the commotion, Netflix went through with the film's release. As of now, Insatiable is due to be released August 10 on Netflix.

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