Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Vinny Shared When The Spinoff Really Felt Like The Old Show

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation still has some of the wild drama of Jersey Shore, but there are ways the revival has changed. The cast is older and a bit wiser than they were during the original run, which usually means even heated moments de-escalate before someone does something they really regret. That changed when Angelina Pivarnick invaded the Season 2 Las Vegas vacation, and castmember Vinny Guadagnino recently admitted that the spinoff began to feel like Jersey Shore during Angelina and JWoww's club fight:

They were joking around then Jenni tried to hold her, like in a chokehold like a child. Angelina got caught off guard, she started swinging and throwing punches. It turned real for a split second and we're not used to that. We're older now, we don't fight with each other anymore. So, all of a sudden I was like, 'This is like old Jersey with fists getting thrown around from JWoww.'

Vinny's right, as JWoww's calmer demeanor in Jersey Shore Family Vacation gave way to the fiery classic JWoww when she locked Angelina Pivarnick in a chokehold. It was far less vicious than the spinning back fist she delivered to Mike "The Situation," Sorrentino back on Jersey Shore, but an aggressive response nonetheless to a situation that was all a part of a big misunderstanding, according to Angelina. According to the now recurring guest-star on the reality series, she simply wanted to put an ice cube down the front of JWoww's shirt, but her castmate, who was rattled by requests from Angelina earlier in the episode to see her breasts, went on the defense.

Vinny Guadagnino didn't have much to say about intentions or who was in the right or wrong during the brawl, but he made it clear in statements following that he's no fan of Angelina. Vinny told Us Weekly Angelina was "not his cup of tea," and added, "she thinks I'm in love with her." Pivarnick, who is engaged, seemed to respond to Vinny's quotes after sharing the article on her social media:

Angelina's response to the article could be in reference to Vinny talking about the fight between her and JWoww, or that's her way of saying she's none too happy about what he had to say about her to the press. Pivarnick has talked on Jersey Shore Family Vacation about getting mixed signals from the cast in regards to friendship, who will tell her they want to be friends on the show but then few will actually make the effort after filming. Pivarnick is far from one to throw stones at castmembers for speaking about personal relationships to the press, as her interviews with tabloids in the early Jersey Shore days are the main reason behind her ongoing feuds with various cast members.

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