Angelina Is All Up On Pauly's D In Jersey Shore Family Vacation Preview

Jersey Shore Family Vacation ended its latest episode with a pretty startling reveal from JWoww, but that went out the door for some Jersey Shore fans who saw something even crazier in the preview for next week's episode. Just after a scene was shown of Snooki and JWoww going at it after she announced her exit from the Vegas vacation, Angelina was spotted in a club all up on Pauly's D:

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One would assume that's a problematic Jersey Shore Family Vacation moment for Angelina as the part-time castmember revealed just before she hopped into Pauly D's arms, she's a taken woman. Angelina's fiance Chris Larangeira was introduced on-screen prior to her leaving for Vegas, and the two seem to be still engaged at the time of writing. Given that information, one might see how Angelina's confession that she would "bang Pauly if she were single," and then the scene shown after might make some waves in her and fiance Larangeira's relationship.

Jersey Shore viewers will remember Angelina and Pauly D have some romantic history. Jersey Shore Family Vacation put a spotlight on the time Vinny and Angelina hooked up, but they failed to mention the time Pauly admitted to hooking up with his former co-star between Season 1 and 2 on the classic series. The supposed casual hookup was mentioned on Jersey Shore, and there was another moment where a very inebriated Pauly attempted to re-ignite that romance on camera. Pauly appears to be in that same state in this preview for the upcoming episode, which means this club scene might go a bit further than Chris Larangeira may be comfortable with.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation has a history of hidden affairs, as Ronnie Ortiz-Magro kept the details of his encounter with the club girl "French Fries" a secret from his baby mama Jen Harley until well after the season completed filming. One would hope Angelina didn't opt for that strategy, as Ronnie's ongoing drama may be an indicator that wasn't the best way to tackle that situation. The episode tease hasn't caused any public drama in Pivarnick's social media so far, and she's posted on social media since the tease was shown. Of course, all that could mean is that Pivarnick is better at keeping her personal drama out of the public eye than Ronnie, except for when it comes to JWoww apparently.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation will show what all went down when Angelina and Pauly D were in the club as new episodes air on MTV Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep track of what else is on television over the next couple of weeks with our handy fall premiere guide.

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