Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Angelina Made An Extra Disgusting Confession About Sleeping In Pauly's Bed

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation! Read at your own risk!

There's never a shortage of excitement on Jersey Shore Family Vacation when Angelina Pivarnick is on. The "Staten Island Dump" came in hot when she linked up with the cast in Las Vegas, and not even a chokehold from JWoww could slow her down. Apparently, things were even crazier than television showed as Pivarnick added a bit of bonus info when Pauly D ordered turndown service to have his bed cleaned after he found her sleeping in it. Pivarnick acted like the bed wasn't that nasty during filming, but the story changed in a tweet during the episode:

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Angelina is certainly not shy when it comes to talking about bodily fluids. Pauly D's request for turn-down service seemed like a mix of reality T.V. silliness and a somewhat mean prank, but apparently, the request was one-hundred percent justified according to the part-time Jersey Shore Family Vacation castmember. Pivarnick is really living up to her nickname of "Dirty Little Hamster."

The revelation is uncouth and unsanitary, although it's certainly leagues better than her last fluid-related incident on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. It also just seems to be how Angelina is, as she's nothing but consistent when it comes to talking about poop, farts, butt sweat, and whatever else comes to mind. Her personality and behavior has led to some criticisms from castmembers (JWoww, mostly) that her behavior is not genuine and a show for the cameras. Pivarnick, who wasn't feeling the love from the rest of the cast upon her arrival, tweeted the following during a scene where she was ostracized from a bulk of the cast after some drama:

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Angelina's behavior is certainly different from the rest of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast, although it's possible it's for reasons other than her seeking attention from the cameras or trying to win the favor of producers. After all, there are few lines that Angelina has crossed that each castmember didn't cross at some point during the Jersey Shore days. The rest of the cast continued to stay in the spotlight as they aged, and during that process, may have learned to develop personas they were comfortable with displaying on camera. Pivarnick only just came back into the fold a year ago, so maybe she just needs some time to adapt and find a way out of being the girl that does weird stuff? It's also possible the cast could be exactly right about Angelina, and things are only going to get crazier the longer she's on the show.

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