Star Trek's Patrick Stewart Shares Behind-The-Scenes Pic From His New Captain Picard Show

Jean-Luc Picard is on his way back, and none other than Patrick Stewart himself is giving fans an early glimpse at the behind-the-scenes magic taking place to bring about his return. Sharing a picture from some of the behind-the-scenes action, Patrick Stewart and company can be seen staring at something. Check it out for yourself below:

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Patrick Stewart captioned the picture with the names of those integral in bringing the series to life. The most likely candidate for what the group is so attentively staring at may be a vision board of some sort. It's fun to see them peering into whatever it is with such endearing expressions. This is the kind of behind-the-scenes image fans need! Patrick Stewart is also showing signs that he is already very much back in tune with his character.

As he inquisitively holds his glasses' arm to his mouth, the actor's gravitas is omnipresent. The good news for fans super pumped to see Jean-Luc Picard back in action is that this picture hints that things are really heating up in the creative process. The upcoming series starring the adored actor from Star Trek: The Next Generation was announced in early August 2018. Details are scarce as to the particulars of the plot, although we do know that Captain Picard will be front and center in the new show.

Like Star Trek: Discovery, the series will be broadcast on CBS All Access. Patrick Stewart has not played the role on-screen in roughly 16 years, since 2002 with the movie Star Trek: Nemesis serving as his latest official outing in the role. While the behind-the-scenes picture Stewart has shared does not show him in his Captain Picard costume, it is a tease that should help satiate fans as they await that seismic glimpse.

Fans will have to stay tuned to find out what the series will have in store for Trekkies. Bringing back Patrick Stewart's legendary character is a huge step that should make for a beyond entertaining series. When he announced his involvement in the show back in August on Twitter, Stewart expressed how much he was "looking forward to" collaborating with the show's "brilliant creative team," and it looks like he is now doing precisely that.

No release date has been set for Patrick Stewart's Captain Picard Star Trek series quite yet, nor has a title even been announced, so stay tuned. News on that front is bound to surface sooner than later. The second season of Star Trek: Discovery is expected to arrive sometime in 2019 on CBS All Access, and that is not the only Star Trek content that is on its way this fall. Be sure to check back with CinemaBlend for the latest and greatest in TV news.

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