Harry Potter's Evanna Lynch Explains Why She Joined Dancing With The Stars

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Harry Potter fans who watch Dancing with the Stars got a double dose of magic when they tuned in for Season 27. That is thanks to the participation of one of the franchise's stars, Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the movie adaptations of the popular book series. So, what made her decide to compete in the dancing competition? Well, it turns out it did not require an act of wizardry to convince her to do it. Lynch explained her desire to compete, saying:

I wanted to learn to dance. Yeah, it's like a dream job. I just had no reason not to. As I said, I like being pushed. I've said that to Keo, I was like, 'Be hard on me.' That's what I like, when you have that kind of pressure on you that's when the most growth happens.

Evanna Lynch explained her reasons for joining the competition to E! and based on how she performed in the Season 27 premiere; there is good reason to hope she will be dancing around for some time to come. Lynch and her pro partner Keo Motsepe received an 18-point score for their foxtrot to the aptly chosen song, "Do You Believe in Magic." For her part, Lynch sounds more than prepared not to rely on magic, but rather hard work to help her grow in the competition.

With Dancing with the Stars revealing a song choice that paid homage to Evanna Lynch's enchanted past on Harry Potter, it stands to reason that the popular franchise could end up popping up again as part of one of Lynch and Keo Motsepe's future routines. That's because, as avid Harry Potter fans can attest, the movies were not a completely dance-less affair.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Evanna Lynch's Luna Lovegood can be seen dancing at Bill and Fleur's wedding. After demonstrating her character's moves from the movie, Evanna Lynch's pro partner, Keo Motsepe, weighed in on whether the duo would incorporate Luna's dance move from the sequence in a future Dancing with the Stars routine. Motsepe said:

For sure. I'm going to turn it into an amazing move.

There you have it! Keo Motsepe sounds determined to find a way to make it a part of his and Evanna Lynch's Dancing with the Stars future. So, Harry Potter fans can put their wands away. Their wish should come true! While Dancing with the Stars has utilized the franchise's main theme from Harry Potter in the past, there is no reason they cannot use it again, or use the exact song from the scene, which was more of an upbeat folk song.

Regardless of the music used, Evanna Lynch seems excited about the journey that awaits her, and fans have a lot to look forward to as the season progresses. With so many Harry Potter fans undoubtedly watching to cheer her on, they will need to keep voting so they can see her show off Luna's signature dance move.

The two-night season premiere of Dancing with the Stars continues tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The reality competition is being joined by many other shows that are making their returns and premieres this fall, including on ABC's schedule.

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