Stephen Amell Shows Off A Lot Of Skin In Arrow Season 7 Image

As if fans needed further reason to be pumped for Arrow Season 7, Stephen Amell is working to get them all the more excited with a picture from an upcoming episode. Fans already knew that Oliver would be facing danger behind bars, and thanks to Amell, they are getting an up-close-and-personal look at the action to come. See it for yourself below:

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Fighting for your life can be quite a workout! In the image from Arrow, Oliver Queen can be seen using the half-wall of his shower to steady himself as he delivers a powerful kick to his assailant's chest. Chuck Norris would be so proud! It was not a moment too soon, as the guy can be seen holding a weapon of some sort. Not only does the image show off Oliver's shower survival skills; it also captures what appears to be a pretty intense exhale from the imprisoned vigilante.

Season 7 is not shying away from giving fans the action sequences they crave, and this one appears to be a possible nod to a memorable movie sequence. In 2007's Eastern Promises, Viggo Mortensen's Nikolai has a very intense fight in the bath. Hopefully, Oliver will not sustain the degree of injury Mortensen's character did. Oliver seems to be handling himself quite well in this still, so there is reason to hope he will not.

Seven seasons in and Arrow is still pulling out all of the stops. The show previously promoted some footage that seems to fit with what's shown in the image Stephen Amell shared with fans on his Twitter page. Prison is proving to be as unforgiving a place as we all imagined it would for Oliver. When you reunite with all the criminals you had a hand in putting away, things tend to escalate quickly. Poor Oliver, though.

He just wants to serve his time, not serve out more butt-kickings. While this image shows Oliver in a victorious stance, we know from previously released footage and images that Oliver is going to get the rough end of things at some point. So, it is not going to be killer kicks to the rescue every time.

The assassin coming for Oliver in this picture is evidently not well-prepared for the encounter he is about to have. He may have the advantages of clothes, a weapon, and likely the element of surprise, but this is the Green Arrow we're talking about! Find out what happens after that kick when The CW superhero series returns.

Arrow Season 7 will premiere Monday, October 15 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, and it will not be the only series returning or premiering on the superhero-friendly network this fall. Stay tuned because there is going to be a lot to see!

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