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Are you feeling a little blue waiting for Arrow to return? Well, prepare to feel a little pink. OK maybe very pink thanks to Felicity's colorful new hairdo. There will definitely be no shortage of change for Felicity when Season 7 begins and she has apparently decided not to hold back on making a few more. With her husband in prison, Felicity has decided to rock a whole new look. See it for yourself below!

Arrow Felicity Smoak Emily Bett Rickards Season 7 The CW

While her new hair color is one of the more initially apparent changes, Felicity has made to her visage, in the picture above she is also showing off some piercings. There is one near her eye and one on her nose. It is not the first time Arrow viewers have seen the genius sporting a look very similar to this. In the fifth episode of Season 3, the show revealed Felicity's "origin story" and her penchant for dressing like a goth at the time revealed Felicity does like to change her look from time to time.

The second picture released by The CW shows Felicity and Oliver talking through prison glass, an image that showcases the reality and impact of Oliver's incarceration. While Felicity reacts to seeing her bruised and battered husband, the couple reaches out to touch the glass that separates them. Although we knew that Oliver would be undergoing a brutal stay in prison, Felicity's condition is not exactly what we expected. See the picture for yourself below:

Arrow Felicity Smoak Oliver Queen Emily Bett Rickards Stephen Ammel

Yes, Felicity appears to have sustained some sort of head wound. The left-facing portion of her forehead has blood and a bruise on it. With Felicity on the outside of the prison walls, the origin of her injury is not initially as easy to pinpoint as Oliver's. Of course, it may not be that difficult to figure out. It is yet another angle to Season 7 worth theorizing about. In the third and final picture released, another highly-anticipated reunion takes place. See for yourself below:

Arrow John Diggle Oliver Queen David Ramsey Stephen Ammel

Diggle looks solemn as he visits Oliver in prison in the final photo available to show from the upcoming season of Arrow. The duo has been through some rough times together, and this latest hurdle is certainly up there. The still appears to be from the scene shown in the Comic-Con promo between Oliver and Diggle. And while you cannot directly see Oliver's face in the pic, you can see his bruised reflection in the glass.

So, Diggle and Felicity may be visiting Oliver around the same time. Find out how Team Arrow survives the ensuing season with Oliver in prison by tuning in. The seventh season of Arrow will premiere Monday, October 15 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. And it will not be the only series returning or premiering on the superhero-friendly network, this fall.