House Of Cards Season 6 Trailer References Frank's Absence In Big Way

Claire Underwood is taking over in House of Cards Season 6, and Netflix just gave us a good look at the second Underwood President's time in office. This latest trailer features eyebrow-arching drama, backroom deals, and a confidence-oozing Claire taking command of it all. We also get another mention of Frank's absence, and judging from the crowd's reaction in this new footage, he doesn't appear to be sorely missed.

The reign of at least one middle-aged white man in D.C. does appear to be over, as Claire mentions not long into the trailer that the Netflix Original's initial main character Frank Underwood is indeed dead and gone. The information isn't new, considering another video revealed that fact a few weeks back, but the tears that Claire cries not long after are quite new.

The prior video appeared to show Claire had zero love lost over her conniving husband's passing, seeing as how he threatened to kill her if he didn't receive a pardon in her televised address last season. It's possible Claire has mixed emotions about Frank's death. But then we see a scene shortly after where it's clear Claire is not above shedding a few crocodile tears and using his death to her advantage whenever possible. So maybe we'll get a better idea during the actual season whether her grief is genuine or completely fictional.

The new trailer also gave us a glimpse at Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear, who will play the sibling political duo Annette and Bill Shepherd. Bill mentioned to Claire that the Shepherds had a deal in place with Frank before she came into the picture, and she doesn't seem all that willing to make good on said deal. That might be a bad call on her part, considering the duo are one of those uber-rich families that have the money and resources that can make her Presidency very difficult. Although one disagreement here doesn't necessarily mean the parties can't reach an understanding at some point down the line.

Claire won't have to worry about just having one or two enemies in House of Cards Season 6, as it seems many in Washington are less than thrilled to have another Underwood in office. There's plenty of talk from characters about getting Claire out of the picture, and it's obvious her nerves are more than a little rattled by it all, judging by her limo flinching. Is someone in the political field trying to get Claire killed? It wouldn't be all that surprising for the show, especially if she's making as many waves as she appears to be in the trailer, although whoever potentially tried to take out a hit on the President clearly has no idea who they are dealing with.

House of Cards Season 6 arrives on Netflix on Friday, November 2, at 12:01 a.m. PT. It's just one of the many shows arriving this fall, so be sure to keep track of other things arriving over the next couple of months by visiting our fall premiere guide.

Mick Joest
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