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It is turning into a big week for dramas. You can now add NBC's New Amsterdam to the list of series getting some news regarding its forward momentum. The medical drama, which stars Blacklist alum Ryan Eggold, just debuted a few weeks ago, and NBC has made a decision about its future. With only three episodes under its belt, the new show has gotten just what the doctor ordered -- a full-season order.

That's right! Dr. Max Goodwin's journey to shake up the status quo is far from over, per TVLine. The series' freshman season will be now comprised of 22 episodes, as of NBC's decision to order the all-important "back 9." While the show's full-season pickup is great news, it is not entirely unexpected. Ratings for its series premiere were steady, handily maintaining most of its lead-in from the hit, This Is Us.

After Live+3 day totals were added in, New Amsterdam was calculated to have pulled in over 12 million viewers for its series premiere. That said, the key to long-term success is in the ratings after the premiere. Those numbers indicate that viewers have liked what they have seen so far, as the ratings for Episode 2 and 3 ticked down roughly a million from the premiere. Importantly, both episodes' numbers were pretty much on par with each other.

It is a telling sign that interest is not fading from the drama. While many may have been skeptical about another medical show entering the already heavy hospital scene on television, things are paying off. Most likely because New Amsterdam is a quality series that can stand toe-to-toe with its peers. Airing on the same network that brought viewers, ER, the landmark hospital-centered series that kept TV's medical wave going, NBC clearly knows what it is doing.

Time will tell if New Amsterdam has the teeth to keep running as long as its genre predecessor. By ending its first episode with a huge twist, the show made it clear that it would not shy away from surprising moves. Now that the series knows that it has a full season ahead, it will have time to settle into a longer-term direction. The promo for Episode 4 set the stage for another edge-of-your-seat installment, as the staff of the hospital will be inundated with patients, while Helen works to treat Max through his medical battle.

The promo ends on a dramatic note and fans will not have much longer to wait before being able to check out how that moment actually unfolds in its entirety. New Amsterdam airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC, following This Is Us. The hit NBC dramas are among a cornucopia of series making their returns and premieres this fall on NBC and other networks.

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