Ozark Renewed For Season 3, Here's What We Want To See

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If you have been wondering what on earth is next for Ozark's Byrde family, you won't have to wonder forever. Having opened the door to its story moving forward at the end of Season 2, viewers will be happy to learn they will not be left in limbo. Netflix has renewed the crime drama for Season 3. Here's what we know so far, and what we want to see from the acclaimed drama's third season.

Beyond the Season 3 renewal, Ozark fans can cheer for how many episodes we're getting. Just like with earlier seasons, Ozark's third season will also be comprised of 10 episodes. As well, Netflix is eyeing a 2019 premiere date for the series, so the wait in between seasons will also follow suit with previous years. So no worries about waiting until 2020 to find out what is next for Marty, Wendy, and Ruth following that explosive Season 2 finale.

Speaking of what's coming next, here are the things that we want to see in Season 3. Warning: Spoilers for Ozark Season 2 are discussed below.

Marty needs to get back in Season 1 shape. As it went in Season 1, Marty worked indefatigably to get his family extricated from his criminal dealings in Season 2. Unfortunately, the character somehow lost his penchant for quick-thinking and fast-talking his way out of any situation. Marty's overall confidence, self-esteem, and problem-solving abilities made him an entertaining character in Season 1. But they've seemed to evaporate without any reason. Season 3 will hopefully restore him back to his original self.

The Byrdes have got to get baby Zeke away from Darlene. It was a huge disappointment when Marty handed over innocent baby Zeke to the deranged Darlene. It needs to be made right in Season 3. Wendy made it clear in the Season 2 finale that freeing Zeke from Darlene's clutches is on her agenda. Having proved herself more than capable of getting things done in the sophomore season, Wendy should be able to make haste in resolving this troubling development. Baby Zeke has had things rough enough already.

More from Ruth and Marty. Ruth and Marty seemed to exit each other's orbits quite a bit in Season 2. Their dysfunctional father-daughter dynamic was one of the most surprising and intriguing elements of Season 1. So here's hoping the third season gets back to exploring it. They did share some crucial scenes during Ozark's second installment, but it would be nice to see their relationship not only more prominently revisited in Season 3, but then expanded upon.

The third season is destined to be an exciting one, and it will be interesting to see where it goes, as brighter cinematography hopefully paves the way. While we wait for Ozark's return to Netflix (opens in new tab) next year, television fans have a plethora of fresh content options to watch on the streaming giant and other platforms this fall.

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