Will And Grace Cast An NCIS Franchise Vet As A Problematic Love Interest

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The good news for Will & Grace's Will Truman is that he is getting a new love interest. The bad news for Will is that he may not be a long-term one. That is because the sitcom has cast NCIS: Los Angeles star as a problematic potential boyfriend.

Will & Grace has cast Barrett Foa to play Will's new love interest. He is currently slated to guest star in the second installment of the revival. Foa is an original cast member on CBS' popular spinoff in the NCIS franchise. He has played Eric Beale since the show began. While that may be one telling detail as to how long Foa will stick around as Will's potential boyfriend, we have another.

Apparently, Will finds his new relationship tested not too long after it begins. Barrett Foa's Paul is a fellow teacher of Will's, and as their romance is developing, it hits a roadblock. That is due to details that emerge regarding Paul's home life, which put Will in an "ethical dilemma," per TVLine. Will & Grace fans will have to wait to learn what precisely that dilemma entails. Foa will not make his debut until 2019.

In the meantime, there is no shortage of potential explanations that could clarify how Will's romance might unfold. Maybe Paul can resolve whatever dilemma he is putting Will in, and the pair will be able to continue their relationship. Otherwise, it is hard to imagine the show revealing a relationship-ending spoiler so far in advance.

Will does have another love interest in the revival's second season though. Magic Mike's Matt Bomer is going to star as Will's other new love interest this season. Bomer's character is a TV news anchor, who sparks with Will.

Could Will & Grace have a love triangle in its midst? We will have to wait and see. According to the report, Barrett Foa is set to guest star in an "episode," as in singular. So, this may be a one-episode stint with no hope of moving forward.

Given that Barrett Foa is a series regular on NCIS: LA, there is reason to believe that is all it can be. Whether his episode and Matt Bomer's will intersect is unclear. If Foa and Will McCormack's Will spark enough popularity among fans, maybe his arc will expand.

Matt Bomer's character description focused a lot on his personality and there was no definitive indication given that would explain any possible turbulence in that relationship with Will. Barrett Foa's Paul is another story and an intriguing one. The mystery surrounding the ethical dilemma that threatens his and Will's relationship is curious. Time will tell how it is resolved.

New episodes of Will & Grace air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The revival is among a phenomenal amount of new content airing this fall.

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