Could Jerry Springer Be The Next Judge Judy? Looks Like He's Going To Try

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Jerry Springer has built a television legacy by helping people from all walks of life solve their problems. While The Jerry Springer Show may be done, his mission may still continue. It's being reported that NBC Universal and Springer are developing another syndicated program called Judge Jerry that will show Springer again settling disputes, although this time it will be in the courtroom. Could Judge Jerry be the next Judge Judy? We may be finding out in late 2019.

Judge Jerry would feature the former lawyer and mayor Jerry Springer as a judge overseeing and settling small claims disputes. As mentioned, the format of the series is similar to Judge Judy and other daytime programs that feature judges in courtrooms. The Wrap reported the program may arrive in the fall of 2019, and that NBCUniversal declined to comment on the project. There is no word at this time on what network will get the syndication rights.

While Jerry Springer served as a lawyer for several years of his life, Judge Jerry will be the first time he holds the title of judge. While he's not technically an actual judge, Springer is probably familiar enough with the law to issue verdicts for the various small claims disputes the show may highlight. Whether banging his gavel will stifle the cries of the courtroom chanting "Jerry" between verdicts is a different story.

With Judge Jerry in the works, Jerry Springer has a fresh opportunity to captivate America with a new television program. It will be interesting to see if the talk show host's latest outing features the same level of intensity as The Jerry Springer Show, or sticks with the typical formula of daytime judge shows. Springer's initial intention with The Jerry Springer Show was to have a more grounded issues-based program but found massive success when the series was more outlandish.

The news of a new series comes as the future of The Jerry Springer Show is somewhat in the air. The CW has the option to pick up new episodes; however, it reportedly has no plans to do so. Springer revealed the program has a backlog of 2-3 years of episodes, so it's possible The CW is putting that decision on hold until those episodes run their course. Regardless of what happens there, Springer seems eager to get back on television.

New television shows aren't necessarily rare for Jerry Springer, as the television personality has been a part of various programs over the years. He was a host on America's Got Talent for two seasons, and has hosted the I.D. series Tabloid. He's also made a number of cameo appearances on other popular television programs over the years, so it won't be completely weird to see him on a program that isn't his flagship show.

Judge Jerry is presently in development with a possible release date around fall 2019. The Jerry Springer Show airs daily on The CW at varying times depending on the region. For more on upcoming television airing this fall season, head on over to our fall premiere guide.

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