How HBO Is Making Its Sex Scenes Safer

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Premium cable is known for going where network television does not. Among those differences is the heightened level of intimacy that can be portrayed on a premium cable series. How those scenes are filmed will be different for one network. HBO is now enacting a new measure to ensure that sex scenes are safer, here's how.

One of premium cable's leading networks is altering how its sex scenes are handled on the set. HBO has announced that from now on, any of its TV series or movies, which feature sexually intimate scenes will have an "intimacy coordinator" involved, per Rolling Stone. So, what does this person do? The role of an intimacy coordinator is to mediate between the actors, directors, producers, and other crew members comprising a series.

The network first utilized the role on its sex industry-centered series The Deuce, at the suggestion of actress Emily Meade. On that show, intimacy coordinator Alicia Rodis reviewed the script and discussed the sex scenes ahead of time with individual actors. The actions taken in the scene were then worked out and coordinated accordingly. She also notifies actors about last-minute changes and advocates for them in subsequent discussions. So, what HBO shows will be in need of the intimacy coordinator's services?

HBO will be using one on the Judd Apatow comedy Crashing. The network's upcoming Watchmen television series will also utilize one. A hint as to how close the show will mirror the comic and its movie adaptation's sexuality. Also using one is the long-in-the-works movie follow-up to Deadwood a.k.a. the Deadwood movie. The upcoming series Jett and high school-set series Euphoria will also use an intimacy coordinator.

The report did not mention if the upcoming Game of Thrones' spinoff would follow suit. One has to imagine if the spinoff series is anything like its predecessor, an intimacy coordinator would be a must. While scenes of intimacy have diminished greatly in the series' later seasons, it was once one of the show's most publicized traits.

With HBO leading the charge, you also have to imagine other networks will follow suit. Shows on premium cable tend to lead the way when it comes to scenes of intimacy. It is what sets them apart from network television. HBO series have been known for their number of provocative scenes through the years.

The Deuce opening the door for the inclusion of this position will be a part of its legacy going forward. It has heralded a change no other HBO show has done for the network. The drama was renewed for a third and final season in September. Its second season is currently airing.

The Deuce currently airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. For more television options, there is always the opportunity to catch up on TV's fall premieres.

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