Fired Kevin Can Wait Actress Had A Fun Reaction To AMC's Kevin Can F--- Himself Show

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This week brought news of a particularly pointed comedy project being developed at AMC, with Rashida Jones and writer partner Will McCormack set to bring Kevin Can F--- Himself to life. The show's premise and title are pretty specific jabs at a controversial casting exchange on the former CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait. Amusingly enough, that show's ousted star Erinn Hayes took to social media with a fitting reaction to the new project's announcement.

Considering the details behind Erinn Hayes' exit from Kevin Can Wait, she wouldn't have been coming out of left field had she offered up a more trenchant and sarcasm-laden post. To date, she has been quite cordial about that entire kerfuffle, where others in Hollywood may have turned the firing into a soapbox situation.

Still, she obviously couldn't completely stifle all of her bemusement after hearing the news about Kevin Can F--- Himself's existence. That ordeal took place back in June of 2017, so Hayes has had some time to deal with and move past her doomed existence on Kevin Can Wait. However, time doesn't completely eradicate all negative feelings, and 16 or 17 months isn't necessarily enough time to heal all wounds.

To be sure, the surprised Erinn Hayes' tears-from-laughing emoji response was not exclusively her own. Many of her fans, as well as entertainment friends and colleagues, were also shocked and tickled when sharing the news on social media.

For those who need some background info, Erinn Hayes was a well-received member of the main cast on Kevin James' CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait. To inspire some King of Queens-infused hype, the producers brought James' former co-star Leah Remini for a guest spot, which sparked questions about her joining the show permanently.

Ahead of Season 2, Erinn Hayes was fired from Kevin Can Wait, and Leah Remini was brought in as a full-time star. That move caused a fan backlash, with many calling it unfair, even though Kevin James and the producers claimed that Hayes' Donna was written out because they couldn't find more creative ways to use the family matriarch.

The backlash might have stayed relatively limited had Kevin Can Wait's writers chosen to bid Donna a fond and respectful farewell. However, it was revealed that she was being killed off, and the Season 2 premiere quickly explained her death away in a mostly jokey fashion. That reignited fan furor, and the sitcom's ratings and viewership stats declined as the season went on. It was eventually cancelled earlier this year, and it appeared as if that would be the last anyone heard about it.

At least, until AMC announced Rashida Jones and Will McCormack's Kevin Can F--- Himself, which is only the current working title, and probably won't go to air as that if it gets ordered. The new project would be a somewhat realistic take on a stereotypical TV sitcom wife who is constantly dealing with a goofy doofus of a husband. The dramedy would send up various sitcom tropes, including how schlubby and immature male characters are always married to gorgeous and understanding women.

Stay tuned for more updates about Kevin Can F--- Himself, as well as about Erinn Hayes' upcoming projects. And as always, take note of all the great shows currently popping up by bookmarking our fall TV premiere schedule.

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