First Look At The Arrow-verse's Lois Lane Is Downright Super, Man

The CW's yearly Arrow-verse crossover always brings plenty of surprises for fans. It's been a few months now since we heard that this year's event was going to introduce its own version of Lois Lane. Now, we've finally gotten our first look at her, and, well, it's Super!

The photo, which also features actor Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Kara's cousin Clark / Superman on Supergirl, shows a fully suited up Man of Steel and Elizabeth Tulloch's Lois Lane in a very proud and comfortably close pose with lots of glowy, rainbow prism light surrounding them and making the twosome look extra fly. We have heard previously that Lois and Superman are in love, so, presumably, we'll be meeting the couple after they're already in a relationship, with those thick-rimmed eyeglasses of Clark's no longer being a barrier to Lois knowing about his double life.

Another clue to how close they'll be when we meet them in the crossover can be found in what appears to be the setting of this photo. Superman and Lois seem to be standing in his Fortress of Solitude, and while I get that she'll probably feel totally at home there by this point in their relationship, I am concerned (and somewhat confused) by her choice of clothing. It doesn't seem to be entirely practical, given the standard setting of Superman's Fortress of Solitude, and also doesn't fit with what we usually see Lois doing as she goes about her daily life.

The Fortress of Solitude is typically set in the Arctic, and, just from what we see in this photo of the happy couple, it does appear to be pretty icy in there. So, my question is: What, exactly, is Miss Lane wearing? She's certainly not dressed for work at the Daily Planet. That would usually entail a smart business suit or classy blouse and skirt / pants combo. And, even if it is winter in Metropolis and National City during the crossover (it will air this December, after all), Lois is also not dressed for roaming about town in either locale when the temps are frigid.

While it's hard to say for sure, because this photo doesn't show what may (or may not) be on Lois' feet, she also doesn't really seem to be on her way to or from a fancy night out. I'm going to say that, even for a serious reporter like Lois Lane, her hair, makeup and jewelry are too basic for that.

Honestly, in this photo, Lois is dressed like some sort of Greek goddess who spends most of her time simply lounging around. And, while she looks amazing, I can't help but wonder if this is some clue as to how or why the character will be showing up in the crossover. Has Lois gained a superpower that allows her to regulate her body temperature so that she never feels a chill or overheats? Is that new power killing her and Superman needs to find a cure?

I would sort of love it if Lois' life is in danger, but while Supes is on a break from trying to save her life, they both figure that this is a prime opportunity to take a few photos. You know how it is; they're both smokin' hot and it's about time they start to fill all those empty walls at Clark's secret hideout / base of operations. One can only stare at bare ice walls for so long. Especially when one is entertaining the presence of ones lady love on a long term basis, right? Ladies need to decorate, y'all.

Either way, we currently don't have a lot of information on the story for the three night Arrow-verse crossover event. We do, however know that the crossover is titled "Elseworlds," which could mean that, even though we've seen Superman and Lois' sister and father on Supergirl, the versions of the characters in this photo are actually from yet another Earth that hasn't previously been explored in the Arrow-verse. We also know that Batwoman, a.ka. Kate Kane (played by Ruby Rose) is coming to the crossover, along with a ton of other characters we've never seen in this continuity before. And, any of these heroes and villains could be from Earths that are not Earth-1 or Earth-38.

With multiple Earths playing a large part in the Arrow-verse shows in general (especially The Flash), and the promise that the crossover will feature the alternate reality / timeline shenanigans of the Elseworlds line of comic books, the crossover has also cast a character with major implications for such a story, with the very powerful alien being known as The Monitor being a part of this story, as well. In DC Comics, The Monitor is mostly known for his part in the Crisis on Infinite Earths story arc, and the character is actually charged with observing and protecting the multiverse, meaning he could be the force that brings all of these disparate characters together, possibly to stop a threat to all of known existence.

So, just where does all of this leave Superman and Lois Lane? The answer right now, unfortunately, is we simply don't know. With a number of characters coming to the crossover from villain-filled Gotham City, we could just be looking at a situation where villains are running amok, Superman needs to help Batwoman control them and Lois is reporting on the damage done. Though, I have to say, I'm partial to Lois getting a temp-regulating superpower that's slowly killing her, but I guess I can leave the details of the crossover up to the writers.

This year's Arrow-verse crossover will cover three consecutive nights, with The Flash starting things off on December 9, continued action on Arrow December 10, and Supergirl wrapping the whole shebang up on December 11 on The CW. To calm the wait until we can find out just what all of these details mean, be sure to check out the other shows returning and premiering this fall.

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