Gotham: All The New Characters Coming To Season 5

The wait for Gotham's fifth and final season has felt endless after the gigantic cliffhanger that concluded Season 4 in the spring, but the end is finally in sight with a premiere date set for early January. The time is now to look at what's ahead for Gotham's last batch of episodes. So, read on for our breakdown of all the new characters on the way to Gotham City in Season 5!

gotham season 5 bane

Bane (Shane West)

Yes, legendary Batman big bad Bane is on the way to recur, and he won't arrive without a Gotham twist on his traditional origin story. Bane will debut on the scene as a seeming ally to Jim Gordon as he struggles to enact law and order in No Man's Land. Jim will ultimately discover a dark side to his former friend, and he may even be evil. Diehard comic fans don't have to worry that the baddie won't be back-breaking, but his victim won't be who many of us expected.

Theresa Walker (Jaime Murray)

Another confirmed big baddie is on the way, and she won't be one out of the pages of the comics. Dexter veteran Jaime Murray will play a character named Theresa Walker, and she'll be Jim's main nemesis in Season 5. She's on board in a recurring capacity, but there should be enough time for a dark secret about her past to come to light. Although no footage of the character is available just yet, her Dexter experience means that she should be a solid addition to the cast.

Batman (David Mazouz?)

Yes, Batman himself is apparently on the way! Now, as much as one would assume that a show about Gotham City would feature the Dark Knight, its status as a prequel has always meant that we might never see Bruce in the cape and the cowl. Cameron Monaghan, who plays the Valeska brothers, recently revealed "Batman" will appear in Season 5. Whether this is in the show's current timeline or via a flash-forward remains to be seen. If a flash-forward, could he be played by somebody other than David Mazouz?

Mother And Orphan

Mother and Orphan appeared in the Season 4 finale ending montage, and although both had their identities concealed by a mask, it was clear that they weren't exactly heroes. Mother was striding through a room filled with dead bodies, and Orphan was brutalizing one of them with a hatchet. Ah, children. Gotham executive producer John Stephens confirmed that Mother and Orphan are on the way for Season 5, so their appearance in the Season 4 finale wasn't something never to be revisited.

Lady Shiva

Executive producer John Stephens also teased that Lady Shiva is slated to appear in Gotham's fifth season. Lady Shiva is legendary in DC Comics and regarded as one of the best living fighters. We don't know what's in store for Lady Shiva on Gotham, but her appearance at all is sure to get comic fans excited, especially if they were among those whose hopes were dashed when Lady Shiva did not turn up on Arrow as was once rumored.


Prepare yourself to meet Magpie! Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Penguin, revealed the character's upcoming appearance over the summer. In the pages of DC Comics, Magpie -- a.k.a. Margaret Pye -- has an obsession with shiny items and grows up to become the curator of Gotham's City Museum, and that position results in her becoming a jewel thief. Folks who work at museums tend to have bad luck in Gotham's Gotham, but perhaps she'll be introduced as a youngster a la Selina Kyle and Ivy Pepper.

Ventriloquist And Scarface

Are there any villains more suited to the craziness that is Gotham than Ventriloquist and Scarface? Completely bonkers without any superpowers, Ventriloquist in the comics is a gangster who usually seems like a weak and unthreatening man. He generally speaks through his puppet, Scarface, whom he believes to be an entirely separate person. This separate identity is violent and ruthless, allowing Ventriloquist to commit terrible crimes without giving up his unassuming persona. A meek man with a killer puppet identity on Gotham? Sign me up!

Mutant Leader

Mutant Leader is character extremely likely to appear but not officially confirmed with any details from producers. Set photos from Gotham filming Season 5 show a guy on the streets of Gotham, looking an awful lot like Mutant Leader has in the comics and in the much-loved Dark Knight Returns animated movie. Mutant Leader is generally portrayed as appearing in a future after Batman retires. Bringing him to the era of Bruce Wayne's childhood is hardly the wildest twist Gotham has put on Batman comics canon!

gotham man-bat


Man-Bat appeared in the finale montage that showed the shady figures of Gotham stepping somewhat out of the shadows in No Man's Land. We know enough to say that he certainly looks creepy, and it's possible that his status as a terrifying bat-esque figure could inspire Bruce in his eventual decision to dress as a bat for his vigilantism. Surely Gotham wouldn't have put him in the Season 4 finale without plans to bring him back in Season 5!

Harley Quinn?

Gotham technically may have already introduced its version of Harley Quinn in Season 4, with the debut of Ecco as Jeremiah's assistant. Signs point toward Ecco getting a Harley Quinn twist in Season 5, and these signs can probably be trusted a lot more than previous vague hints. John Stephens states that Jeremiah gets a "somewhat deranged girlfriend" who favors "multi-colored fashion" and "likes roller skates." A look at Ecco in a Season 5 trailer appears quite Harley-esque. Does something happen for Ecco to go full Harley in Season 5?

The good news is that we don't have too much longer to wait before these characters hit the airwaves. At least, relatively not too much longer, considering the last episode aired back in May. Gotham premieres its fifth and final season on Thursday, January 3 at 8 p.m. ET ahead of The Orville's regular time slot premiere. For more of what you can expect on the small screen in the not-too-distant future, check out our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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