Miley Cyrus Is Apparently In Netflix's Black Mirror Season 5

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A cast member for Black Mirror's fifth season has apparently been confirmed. It turns out reports about a certain pop star/actress joining the show are accurate. Former Voice star Miley Cyrus has seemed to confirm that she will star in the upcoming season of the anthology series.

Miley Cyrus non-verbally confirmed the news on The Howard Stern Show, per Billboard. Considering the secretive nature of working on Netflix shows, Cyrus opted for a head nod to confirm the news of her participation. Filming for her role took place in South Africa.

While her appearing on Black Mirror was confirmed, Miley Cyrus did not reveal much more. She did say she was excited for people to watch it. Cyrus also shared that she left filming "proud" of the work she had done on the series. Sounds promising!

As for the role itself, Miley Cyrus remained cautiously coy. She did provide a few clues about her Black Mirror character though, sharing that the part has a "lot of dynamic" and that there are a "lot of different sides" to it.

One of the themes that Miley Cyrus heavily alluded to is the apparent breadth of the role. It sounds as though there are multiple layers to it, indicating that Cyrus will get a chance to show off her acting range quite a bit on Black Mirror.

That bodes well for fans of the Netflix series and the former Voice coach. Miley Cyrus rose to fame on a TV show, so she knows the ins and outs well. Black Mirror is a chance to tackle a much darker realm than her previous roles.

The brooding tech anthology is coming off a buzzy fourth season. Black Mirror is an excellent show for actors to reinvent themselves on. Whether it will play on Miley Cyrus' real-life fame and what the public knows about her will be interesting to learn. There is a chance for the writers to conjure something unique with Cyrus starring.

She is well known to people, and how they perceive her could be utilized by Black Mirror. To what end, viewers will have to tune in and see. There is such a thing as playing against type and if the Netflix anthology leverages that, there could be some surprises.

Fans may not have to wait long to find out how she does on it. Black Mirror Season 5 was expected to drop before the end of the year. There is not a whole of 2018 left. So, if it is going to premiere in December, Netflix will have to host a potentially last-minute premiere.

Find out how Miley Cyrus does when Black Mirror Season 5 eventually premieres on Netflix. Many shows are making their debut on the streaming giant this fall and throughout the midseason.

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