Millie Bobby Brown's Stranger Things Tears Are Ominous, But The Show Probably Isn't Ending Yet

The entirety of 2018 will pass without any new Stranger Things episodes, which obviously isn't wondrous for fans. Now that Season 3 is wrapping up production, though, we can at last anticipate trailers and important reveals coming from the cast and crew. For instance, some are already going berserk with speculation over Millie Bobby Brown's emotionally fraught social media posts of late, fearing news of Stranger Things' ending. Alas, the show almost definitely isn't ending soon, despite Brown's Instagram tears.

TV stars will often get emotional whenever a season is finished filming, as they're saying temporary farewells to people they spend the majority of their time around. That concept is presumably even more dramatic for younger stars such as Millie Bobby Brown, who has spent two seasons developing the enigmatic, waffle-loving Eleven. With that tear-filled Instagram post, and several others specifically tethered to co-stars Noah Schnapp and Sadie Sink, Brown perhaps unwittingly got some fans extremely worried that Stranger Things is done filming for good.

To be fair, that's hardly a difficult presumption to land on, given Millie Bobby Brown's posts were more overtly impassioned than others' have been. She'd posted the crying pic on her Instagram page after stating on a previous video that she would be crying all day for the final day of shooting. She'd shared another image in her story of her good friends Noah Schnapp and Sadie Sink together, with the caption "Love of my life."

Then there is this "One More Time"pic...

As fans are aware, Noah Schnapp's Will and Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven aren't exactly besties. Eleven's arrival coincided with Will's disappearance, and the two characters haven't shared screen time together. The image above, while likely not an episode still, looks like it was taken inside Season 3's Starcourt Mall, so perhaps we'll see them together at last in Season 3. If Stranger Things actually was ending soon, it'd make sense to have Will and Eleven paired together at least once.

It definitely appears as if Millie Bobby Brown won't be doing anything with Noah Schnapp or Sadie Sink on Stranger Things again in the future. But that doesn't necessarily mean the show is ending soon, especially since Matt and Ross Duffer have stated they aim to take this 1980s-geared storyline through four or five seasons before tying it off. And Netflix isn't about to cancel Stranger Things out of the blue, since it's one of the streaming service's most popular original series.

In that case, everyone's fears should probably hone in on a certain character or characters not surviving long enough to make it to Season 4. But will Eleven be the one to die? The character wasn't even technically supposed to live throughout Season 1, so it's not as if she's destined to be around forever. The fact that Season 2 set her up with a "normal" life as Hopper's daughter is probably just fuel for the emotional fire that will burn if and when she gets killed off (or however that would go).

On the flip side of that, Eleven is one of the show's top-tier characters, so it would make more sense in this scenario if both Noah Schnapps' Will and Sadie Sink's Max were the ones to be exiting after Season 3. Will really only got character development in Season 2, and even though he has been key to the connection with the Upside Down, the show might use him as a bigger sacrifice to keep the peace in Hawkins for Season 3.

Similarly, Max made her presence known and appreciated in Season 2, both within the main friend group and as the determined stepsister of the psycho Billy. Entering Season 3, she is now important enough that her departure would be noteworthy. Although it would probably be a lot more interesting if she gets killed off in some way than if she has to move to another city to get away from Hawkins' school system.

Until we hear renewal news for Season 4, it's still feasibly possible that Stranger Things will end in 2019. But I think it'd be more likely for someone to actually discover the Upside Down in the real world.

Stranger Things Season 3, which will apparently have some Fletch influences, will make its big debut on Netflix in 2019, with an exact date to come later. While waiting to hear more, head to our fall TV premiere schedule and our midseason premiere schedule to see what else is worthy of everyone's attention.

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