Why Jason Momoa's Eyes Looked So Smoldering During His SNL Appearance

Saturday Night Live SNL Jason Momoa NBC
(Image credit: Will Heath/NBC)

Jason Momoa recently hosted Saturday Night Live, and while he did many things, one, in particular, may stand out. That would be how the actor made his eyes smolder during his appearance on the sketch show. Well, he has a secret weapon. Momoa shared it, revealing:

I should wear glasses. I have glasses, but I don't wear them. They're like, 'Ooh, he's smoldering.' And I'm like, 'No, I can't see.'

So, according to what Jason Momoa is telling USA Today (opens in new tab), the secret to his smoldering success is that he could not see his cue cards. Many times, things are not always as they appear and that, apparently, extends to smoldering. Regardless of what he was attempting to do, those who bore witness to it saw full-blown smolder-eyes.

That is part of the acting magic. While Jason Momoa states that he does have glasses, the next question is whether he has contact lenses. Dailies offer a pleasant compromise to wearing glasses. He could just throw them out at the end of the day without having to worry about cleaning them.

Also, let's not lose sight of the fact that Jason Momoa has a gift for breaking down the behind-the-scenes stuff that comprises his job. Including things that seem one way on-camera but are actually different off screen. While out promoting Aquaman, the actor has been candid when it comes to sharing details about filming the superhero movie.

It turns out the water he had to be in during filming Aquaman was freezing cold. Jason Momoa had to don a wetsuit to keep from freezing to death. And, all while having to act like he was not about to be hypothermic. The stuff actors have to deal with...

What is surprising is how seldom it is that anything happening in front of the camera actually matches what is going on behind the scenes. It never ceases to amaze, and having to not appear as though you're freezing is not the only tidbit Jason Momoa has shared.

The actor also revealed the intense challenges he faced swimming through air for Aquaman. As you may have guessed, filming those "underwater" scenes was not pleasant. Much like Jason Momoa's smoldering eyes were the byproduct of him trying to read his cue cards, the actor was not under water when Aquaman was.

Jason Momoa was being suspended by a wire to make it look like Arthur Curry was swimming underwater. Unfortunately for Momoa, the result of having to be suspended brought about some unfortunate physical symptoms. The actor did not mention if having to squint to read the cue cards gave him any side effects, but, speaking from personal experience, there is no worse headache than one caused by squinting to read.

So, it is possible there was discomfort from his unintentional smolder. For actors, such hardships just come with the territory. You can see Jason Momoa and his eyes in Aquaman when the movie hits theaters on December 21. As for Saturday Night Live, others will be following in Momoa's footsteps as the new season rolls on throughout the new year.

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