Why House Of Cards' Robin Wright Had Zero Hesitation About Making Season 6

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House of Cards is getting ready to make its sixth and final bow on Netflix. The fate of the political drama was at one point in substantial question. Did the series' leading lady hesitate about continuing? Robin Wright revealed the answer, saying:

There wasn't any hesitation. We wanted to close out this show the way it was always intended for the fans and equally important was we would have put over 600 people out of a job. So it was only fair to finish with the security they expected.

Robin Wright's response to ET falls in line with what the actress had formerly expressed regarding the show continuing. Wright's House of Cards co-star, Patricia Clarkson, had previously revealed that Wright was behind the push to let the series conclude. In a previous interview, Wright had tallied the job loss brought about by House of Cards being cancelled following Season 5 at 2,500. Instead of abruptly losing their jobs, Robin Wright's fight assured they would have ample time to prepare.

After Robin Wright successfully helped pave the way for the Netflix drama to conclude properly, it had to. House of Cards' wrap was as emotional as one might have expected. Opening up about the final day on set, Robin Wright took fans behind the scenes, saying:

It was bittersweet, lots of tears and nobody wanted to leave! We hung out in the Oval Office until about 3 a.m., dancing.

Dancing in the "Oval Office." Few shows can say they closed out their run like that. The political drama will draw to a close with Robin Wright's Claire having taken the helm of the series. Now the unmitigated lead of the show, Wright will close out its final chapter. As for Claire's husband, Francis Underwood, he is deceased as of Season 6.

His fate was revealed in a clip preceding the season's release. How Frank met his deadly fate is a mystery that Season 6 will take its time resolving. Given the way Season 5 ended, you have to imagine Claire may have had a hand in his death. Only Season 6 can resolve that theory for certain. Or it can leave everyone guessing.

The potential question of "who" is not the only mystery surrounding Frank's demise. There is also the question of how he left the world. Viewers of the show do not have much longer to go before they can watch for the answer. The premiere is now just over a week away.

While Robin Wright will lead House of Cards through its final installment, she will not be alone. Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear will enter the fray as siblings in the influential Shepherd family. So, expect of lots of drama to unfold as there is a complex relationship between the Shepherds and the Underwoods.

Along with fighting for the show to complete its run, Robin Wright has also fought to preserve the series' legacy. Now fans of the drama will find out how it all ends, and whether Claire will end up on top.

House of Cards' sixth and final season premieres November 2 on Netflix. The political drama will be joined by other upcoming content that will be arriving on the streaming giant this fall.

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