Riverdale's Midseason Premiere Featured A Hookup We Totally Weren't Expecting

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Warning the following contains spoilers for the midseason premiere of Riverdale! Read at your own risk!

While Archie Andrews is away, Veronica Lodge is apparently down to play. While Archie was off in a cabin trying not to die from a supposed bear attack, Veronica was brokering deals with her father, making alliances with the Serpents, and finding a new boy toy. V crossed the dance floor of the speakeasy to lock lips with Reggie, and our minds are still reeling from Riverdale's latest surprising hookup.

Sure, it seemed like the flirtation between Veronica and Reggie had been mounting throughout Season 3, but it was hard to believe V would actually move on from her two-season ride-or-die boy Archie Andrews. Of course, the two are broken up, so there's not necessarily anything scandalous about the hookup, although we're sure Archie won't be too happy about it if he returns to Riverdale. Given the way the episode ended, that may be a strong if.

With that said, Riverdale is well-aware there are still plenty of "Varchie" fans out there who are definitely upset by the passionate kiss between Veronica and Reggie. So, this has to be a heat-of-the-moment kiss that ends as soon as Archie is back in the picture, right? Those hoping shouldn't be so optimistic, as Reggie actor Charles Melton told EW "Veggie" might be around for a while.

You'll definitely see this relationship grow. Not only will you see this relationship grow, but you'll see their working relationship and how that all ties into everything.... I think fans are going to be excited to see the evolution of this new relationship.

So, why would Riverdale risk the ire of a large chunk of the fanbase in having Veronica move on from Archie and start a thing with Reggie? Well, the relationship may be partly inspired by the fact that the two actors are in a relationship in real life, and teen dramas like One Tree Hill have certainly done things like that in the past. After all, what better way to keep fans engaged than by utilizing real chemistry?

It's also worth mentioning that while Archie has spent a majority of Riverdale with Veronica, this is not the case in the classic comics. Typically, Archie is on and off interchangeably with Betty and Veronica, and Reggie occasionally pops in the picture as V's boyfriend. It was the comics that clued Charles Melton into the fact that a relationship with Veronica could be a possibility, and the actor admitted he'd been expecting it to happen since Season 2.

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