Is The Blacklist About To Reveal Liz's Betrayal To Red While He's In Prison?

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Warning: This story contains spoilers for the latest episode of The Blacklist Season 6 -- "The Pawnbrokers (#131)."

The Blacklist gave fans another stellar episode to stew on with "The Pawnbrokers." Unfortunately, fans will have to wait an extra week before they find out what becomes of that giant cliffhanger teased in the trailer for the next episode. Is Red about to learn about Liz's betrayal while he is in jail?

In The Blacklist promo, Dembe tells Red that there is a recording of the person who gave cops the tip for his location. The one that subsequently led to his arrest. As fans know, that person is none other than Liz Keen.

Toward the end of the promo, a concerned Liz asks Red if he has heard the recording. That left fans with a huge cliffhanger that was not even hinted at occurring in the latest episode. It would seem that Liz's betrayal may about to be revealed. Something tells this fan -- it will not play out that way.

The Blacklist promo wants viewers to think that Liz is worried Red has discovered the truth of her betrayal. However, Liz will clearly be aware of the tape at some point in the episode. Possibly, before the tape makes its way to Red.

If she does receive some lead time, that could give Liz the time she needs to track down and augment the recording. Thus, casting suspicion off of herself. She may be acting the part of a "worried" traitor. All the while knowing she is safe from whatever Red has heard.

There is another possibility. Liz could get to the tape after Red has already gotten a chance to hear it. Having already learned the truth, Red may keep his knowledge of her treachery a secret. Hence, she may think she got to the tape in time, and it all worked out. Blissfully unaware that he knows of her betrayal.

Let's face it. It is a miracle Liz has been able to keep one, let alone, two secrets from Red. He supposedly does not know that she knows he is an "imposter." Nor does he know about her being the one to tip off the cops.

As the latest episode reminded viewers, Red is a genius. A fact never far from the narrative. So, while he may have a soft spot for Liz, he should not lack suspicion regarding everything that has been going on.

Red has to be questioning the timing of the bag of bones situation and his arrest, coming so close together. Liz has not exactly been subtle.

He may have already figured everything out, and he is just biding his time before he springs it on everyone. Just as Liz pretending she does not know the truth about Red's identity gives her an advantage, Red could be playing the same game with her.

The Blacklist has created a magnificent and deftly intelligent character in Red. There is only so long it seems believable that he would not grow wise to everything. Liz's ability to deceive Red as long as she has is indicative of what she has learned from him.

Her days fooling Red may almost be over. Once he knows the truth and Liz learns that he knows it, everything will probably change. You can watch the promo for yourself below:

Find out if Red learns the truth about Liz's betrayal when Season 6 continues. The Blacklist returns for its next new episode Friday, February 1 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The crime drama is among many series returning with new seasons throughout the midseason.

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