When Arrow Plans To Answer Questions About Felicity's Death

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Arrow sent fans reeling with a revelatory flash-forward that let viewers know Felicity would, supposedly, be murdered in the future. Fans have been in the know regarding the tragic twist for a while, so when will they learn more? Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz shared:

We're going to learn a lot about it in the next couple of episodes, but definitely [Episode] 16 is going to be the answer to that mystery and what's been going on in the Glades. In [Episode] 10, actually, we see the Glades for the first time and we meet Rene (Rick Gonzalez) in the future, which is exciting. We get to see, as terrible as Star City is, the Glades is a booming city, and that's the happy place of the future. And Rene has a lot to do with that. So we'll see that in 10 and then, yeah, the next couple episodes will start answering a lot of these questions.

According to what Beth Schwartz told TV Guide, Arrow will reveal more about the mystery surrounding Felicity's death in Episode 16. So, Arrow fans will need to hang in there for roughly five more episodes before they get to Episode 16 and some big answers. It is a substantial wait.

The good news is that last night's midseason premiere got fans closer than they have ever been to those answers. The aforementioned tidbit is not the only one Arrow's showrunner shared regarding Felicity's fate, either. She added that answers to the mystery surrounding Felicity's death would start to pick up in the lead-up to Episode 16.

When asked about Felicity's supposed demise mirroring Roy Harper's presumed death, Arrow's showrunner did not dismiss the possibility. For those keeping the hope alive that Felicity's "death" is just one giant misunderstanding, or a purposeful attempt at subterfuge, it still sounds likely that it could be either.

The foreshadowing of Felicity's demise has been haunting Season 7 with a vengeance. But, as fans have every right to speculate, it may not be what it appears. Before long, they will know for sure. Arrow has a conditional relationship with death. Meaning that sometimes people really die for good, while other times they die and do not stay that way.

Arrow has a popular character in Felicity and a fan-favorite pairing in Olicity. Hence, it is doubtful they would want to let go of either. Felicity actually dying would be a short-term shocker; there would be tremendous drama that would only be sustained temporarily. Ultimately, though, it would probably lead to less story than Felicity staying among the living would provide.

The Arrow-verse has introduced a way to somewhat have its cake and eat it too. Thanks to Earth Two's Laurel, fans know that there is also an Earth Two version of Felicity. Earth One's Laurel died, only to have Earth Two's incarnation take on a prominent role on the show. Just something to keep in mind.

Why mention Earth Two's Felicity, if she would not come into play down the line though? Fans will have to see how it plays out. Felicity is such a beloved character that losing her forever feels like an impossible thing to have happen. Or, at least, one would hope so.

Given that Arrow gave fans such advanced notice, there has to be more to the story regarding Felicity's death. Find out what it could be when new episodes of Arrow air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The 150th episode of Arrow airs February 4 at the same time and place. The superhero drama is among many shows returning in the midseason, so be sure to keep yourself up to date on all your favorites.

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