Watch Mariah Carey Crash Lip Sync Battle's Mariah Carey Tribute

Lip Sync Battle was joined by one of music’s greatest talents on a recent special episode. Mariah Carey took many by surprise on Lip Sync Battle when the music legend crashed the show’s tribute to her. Check out the wildly exciting video, as Carey makes a grand entrance as her hit song “Emotions” plays. You will definitely be feeling them when you finish watching below:

Surprise performances will never stop being a lovely thing to watch unfold. You always have to wonder if the cast involved suspects anything. There was a huge curtain set up, so the stage was being quartered off for something. It is tough to imagine they ever thought the Mariah Carey would be stepping on stage in a few minutes.

At the 42-second mark, the camera zooms in on Glee and American Crime Story actor Darren Criss. His eyes are fixed on the curtain and he seems to suspect something is about to happen behind it. He and the rest of the audience can already see the silhouette of a giant butterfly.

Jermaine Dupri and Darren Criss can be seen pointing towards the curtain. Both Dupri and Criss alerting the audience to what they seem to anticipate is something major that is about to occur. Whether either of them was expecting the unveiling of Mariah Carey is fun to consider.

A few more seconds go by before Mariah Carey makes her exciting entrance at the 46-second mark. Lip Sync Battle’s host, LL Cool J, can be heard announcing her arrival and the crowd goes wild. Given that he made the announcement, it is safe to assume that LL Cool J knew that Carey would be making an appearance.

Someone who seems totally shocked (in the most enthusiastically ecstatic sense) is Chrissy Teigen. Her elated reaction continues with the camera catching back up with an excited Teigen at the 1:10-mark. People enjoying surprises will never not be fun and sweet to watch. At the 1:35-mark, Teigen can be seen patting her chest, still excited by what she is seeing.

As the crowd goes wild, Mariah Carey does a little lip syncing. Mouthing three words from her iconic song at the 1:07-mark. Can you spot what they are? If so, you know it is a pretty epic moment for Lip Sync Battle.

Hopefully, Mariah Carey making an appearance on the show turns into a trend-setting move for other artists. Of course, it may be a little tougher to surprise people now. Still, that is no reason to lose out on awesome moments such as these.

Everyone may have suspected someone was behind the curtain. However, it certainly did not cost the audience the impact of seeing Mariah Carey in front of them. Carey also seemed to be having fun. So, it paid off for everyone!

Find out if there are any more surprise guests on Lip Sync Battle when new episodes air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. Even more new episodes of shows await viewers in the midseason.

Britt Lawrence

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