Eric McCormack Revealed Travelers Has Been Cancelled At Netflix, No Season 4

Eric McCormack in Travelers Netflix

This is clearly the worst timeline. Travelers was just canceled after three phenomenal seasons and a Season 3 finale cliffhanger that will apparently stay hanging forever. Will & Grace star Eric McCormack starred in the sci-fi series as FBI special agent Grant MacLaren, aka Traveler 3468. McCormack posted a video to his fellow Travelers revealing the sad cancellation news, but also thanking fans for their "ravenous response" to Season 3.

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That actually choked me up a little. As Eric McCormack put it, Travelers Program 1 is complete. It's Protocol 5 from here on out, unless ... who saves shows from Netflix? Usually Netflix is the place people turn to when a show is cancelled. But the response to Travelers has been so strong, it's hard to imagine just letting it end like that. We need a Season 4!

(Syfy, u up?)

Travelers creator Brad Wright also addressed the cancellation news:

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Yes, Netflix does deserve credit for at least giving us this much. Travelers fans can only hope the current timeline gets rebooted in the future, giving us a future where the show lives on.

Travelers is -- was, sob -- always an under-the-radar kind of show. It was a co-production between Netflix and Canada's Showcase for the first two seasons. Netflix took over entirely in Season 3, which had its worldwide release in mid-December 2018. Eric McCormack directed the Season 3 premiere himself.

Before Travelers Season 3 came out, I tried to do my part to proselytize and get more viewers for the ambitious, addictive show. Apparently not enough people watched? It's hard to tell. Netflix only shares viewer data when it feels like it -- and it's usually just to brag.

Travelers isn't the only good show Netflix has canceled in the past year. Every network, streaming or otherwise, cuts ties with content for its own reasons. Often it's about cost -- not enough viewers to justify the expense.

As we wait in possibly futile hope for another outlet to pick up Travelers, keep an eye on the lucky shows that do have homes in this busy 2019 TV midseason. Also, it's not too late to get hooked on Travelers yourself. Check out the three seasons currently available on Netflix. Even if the show ends like that ... it's still a fantastic journey, and well worth your time.

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