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Could the Arrow-verse soon get a crossover with DC Universe’s slate of superhero series? CinameBlend’s Nick Venable was at the TCA Winter Press Tour when CW’s president, Mark Pedowitz, gave his take on the possibility, saying,

They have their world and their universe. We have our world and our universe. At this point there’s been no discussion whatsoever about worlds colliding or of characters appearing. But, you know, it sometimes can happen. And if it happens, it happens. But at this point in time, there’s been no discussion.

In other words, do not expect Titans’ characters to start sharing war stories with Arrow’s any time soon. Yet, at the same time, it doesn't sound like fans should entirely rule out the possibility. That should be a positive sign for those who would like to see the DC shows collide.

So far though, talks have not taken place, so it does not seem like something that is currently in the cards. While The CW and DC Universe’s shows have a different tonality to them, they all feature DC characters. It would be an intriguing thing to see them crossover, although DC has had a much bigger task keeping its various movie and TV universes separate, unlike Marvel, which often ties its programming together for continuity's sake.

Thanks to the latest Arrow-verse crossover, the two universes have some newfound common ground. DC Universe’s Titans' features Dick Grayson a.k.a. Batman’s first Robin. During the latest Arrow-verse crossover, “Elseworlds,” Kate Kane a.k.a. Batwoman was introduced. The cousin of Bruce Wayne, it stands to reason she would be familiar with Dick Grayson.

Since the Arrow-verse is acknowledging Bruce Wayne and Gotham, there is theoretically something that connects the two universes. Where Batman stands in The CW and DC Universe shows is interesting to contemplate regarding future stories.

It is tough to imagine the Arrow-verse crossover finding room for more characters to join in. In fact the network sometimes doesn't even connect all of its shows for crossover events. For example, Legends of Tomorrow did not participate in the annually aired high-stakes event, last year. Hence, The CW series’ characters missed out on Batwoman making her grand entrance to the Arrow-verse.

The DC Universe has an array of upcoming series for The CW to potentially crossover with. There is the obvious choice of Titans, considering the Gotham connection mentioned above.

Fox’s Gotham has not crossed over with the Arrow-verse, so it is more than likely the DC Universe will go on the same way, especially considering what was said at the TCA tour.  For example, the producers acknowledged how challenging it was to bring Titans to television. Imagine how challenging it would be to have those characters’ crossover with The CW’s? It would be a feat.

In CinemaBlend’s Nick Venable’s review of DC Universe’s Titans, he referred to it as the “opposite of the Arrow-verse.” Given that kind of differentiation bringing the two universes’ together would also be tough. Still, The Flash and Arrow have different, albeit complementary, energies and they have managed to make it work. Perhaps, the DC Universe and The CW will surprise fans one day.

For now, enjoy the characters in their respective homes. New content is arriving on The CW and DC Universe. The CW has many shows that are airing new episodes during the midseason, so stay tuned.

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